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Saturday, June 01, 2019 1:00 am


How to avoid tariffs

Tariffs are passed on to you, the consumer. If you buy American, you can't lose and buy cheaper because there's no extra tax and you help the American economy.

Monte Nicholls


Pence's Taylor reception was heartwarming

My grandson graduated from Taylor University on May 18, and we were grateful for the opportunity to attend his commencement ceremony. I was interested to read The Journal Gazette's May 22 editorial regarding the significance of the protests to the appearance of Vice President Mike Pence.

The editorial suggests there may have been 20 to 30 attendees who walked out – a combination of students and faculty. However, rather than “300+” graduates as your editorial stated, the actual number was 494, and the overall attendance at the program was estimated to be about 6,000. So at least 94% to 96% of the graduates did not walk out (likely a higher percentage, since some of those walking out were faculty).

Further, of the total number in attendance, 99.5% did not walk out. The editorial said the VP received a “warm” welcome. In fact, he received at least three extended standing ovations.

I was surprised the VP did not make a quiet exit after his speech, but rather stood next to Taylor's president and greeted each of the graduates as they received their diploma. In addition to our graduating grandson, we had six other grandchildren, and other family members, in attendance. They will have wonderful memories of this extraordinary event.

I'm disappointed that some were unwilling to listen to someone with whom they may disagree and felt the need to make a political statement. Kudos to Taylor both for standing strong, and for a sensitive spirit of accommodation to those who disagreed with the invitation. Other institutions and people could learn from their example.

Dale Siegelin

Fort Wayne

Doppler channel one of few worth watching

I would like to know what is going on with these TV channels.

I am 70 years of age and do not have extra stations, but some of the local stations are worthless and boring.

I agree with Roger Lindley's May 18 letter on bringing back the Doppler channel. Please bring back this channel, as I do not have a computer or smartphone.

Rose Ann Smith

Fort Wayne

Grateful recipients

We would like to thank the person who paid our bill at Angel's at Georgetown. What a surprise. We have done it ourselves once before.


Fort Wayne

Finally feeling freedom

Thomas Ackmann (Letters, May 21) has a plausible point regarding Sunday drinking laws in Indiana. This is supposed to be the land of the free. It doesn't seem that way, until now.

Jackie Emberton

Fort Wayne

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