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Wednesday, June 05, 2019 1:00 am


Korea vet receives a special thank you

I accompanied a veteran on Honor Flight 32. He served in Korea with a combat infantry company.

While visiting the Korea Memorial, we were approached by a young Korean couple who asked where he served. Upon advising them of his areas of service, the young lady advised him he had fought about 20 miles from her home. She thanked and hugged him. Both thanked him for the freedom his sacrifice had afforded them.

We both shed a tear, overwhelmed by their gesture.

Mike Buhr

New Haven

Pray for a return of respect, decency

I wish to clarify for David Carroll (Letters, May 28) that our country was founded on the principle of separation of church and state, not biblical truths as he stated. That means that not everyone who lives in this country is a member of the same religion or even any religion, but we are all Americans. We are also not the same race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We are also not all Democrats or Republicans (far left or right) or independent.

I'm trying to feel some empathy for Carroll, but his narrow-minded, biased intolerance would not appear to be springing from any God of any religion I have experienced. Everyone in this country has freedom of speech, and I respect Carroll's right to say the things he said, but I could find nothing in his actual words to respect.

I am pretty sure I do not practice the same religion as Carroll, as my God is a warm, loving, benevolent being. He/she has room in Heaven for all of us, as opposed to Carroll's interpretation of the Good Book. I know my God would never approve of the nastiness of the verbal attack on one of the many Democratic candidates hoping to run against the current resident of the Oval Office, who has proved in many ways that he is not worthy. If Carroll's God was to judge Donald Trump, I would say Trump has a lot of explaining to do. Or perhaps Trump will veer toward the open borders of hell mentioned in Carroll's letter. I would like to think Trump can learn to rise above the bigotry, intolerance and immoral behavior he has been practicing for years.

I will continue to pray for Carroll (and Trump), whose life seems to be filled with bigotry and vitriol instead of love of his fellow man.

As a country, we need to rediscover the elements of respect and decent treatment of our fellow Americans that seemed to disappear when Trump took office. Perhaps Trump will stop behaving as a petty 10-year old boy who throws a tantrum, spouts a bunch of half-truths and disappears to the golf course.

Roselyn Anderson

Fort Wayne


We must all speak up for a hate-free city

I wish to express my full support to Michael Joseph Vorndran who wrote so eloquently (“I am Fort Wayne”) in the May 24 paper.

I wish that his and Chris Francois' experiences here had been more fully positive. Those of us who abhor the negative behaviors described by both should speak up more loudly and more often to build a hate-free, supportive community for all.

Marcia Johnson

Fort Wayne

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