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Thursday, June 06, 2019 1:00 am


Animal Care & Control helps hold city together

In a thriving community, all too often members take the functionality for granted. There are many people and organizations that hold the city together, and without them the community would fall apart. Thanks to an organization we all know, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, our city is in much better condition than just a decade ago.

According to the 2018 Annual Shelter Animals Count, Animal Care & Control adopted out 2,977 animals last year. Additionally, the volunteers spent 13,874 hours working diligently to help our community. On top of that, 771 animals were saved in 2018 through the fostering program. The numbers are truly outstanding.

While we celebrate this victory, we should all give thanks to a working member of the Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control because we couldn't do this in their absence. So thank you to the 11 officers who completed 20,191 calls and returned 265 animals to their owners. Thank you to the veterinarians who performed 2,576 surgeries in house. Thank you to the dispatchers who spent 33,500 minutes on the phone to help 2,166 animals be returned to their owners. Lastly, thank you for saving lives every day.

Amber Driesse

Fort Wayne

Storm-hit communities embody American spirit

Reading about and watching news coverage of the devastation in Celina, Ohio, and Grant County, Indiana, was disheartening.

One thing was so uplifting; these small town people banded together. They made sure everyone was fed and had shelter. And neighbors helped neighbors immediately to clean up the rubble.

These communities should be applauded as an example of the American spirit.

Congratulations to all of them.

Christopher Snider

 Fort Wayne

Columnist's rantings born of hate, jealousy

I read with disdain the depths to which a columnist can sink in the May 24 Journal Gazette (E.J. Dionne, “Trump's tantrum places his priorities into stark relief”). It isn't often that a liberal's liberal can express his hate or jealousy to show he misses the mark on observing human conduct, but he managed to do so.

To say that Donald Trump displayed a “tantrum” when, in fact, he was prepared to address infrastructure, but instead heard the ignominious hissing of debased Nancy Pelosi spewing out what would break communication with any president. Pelosi's quiet, yet sinister, attitude even appears to have some of the media wondering where her hate for Trump ends and political dementia begins. 

It is amazing that anyone like Dionne can identify as one who would refer to the Constitution, since the party he identifies with appears to some to support subversive causes. And if anyone has displayed theatrics, it is the inane slurring of Nancy Pelosi with the same off-key tune of unfounded accusations and desperate lack of facts to back up anything she says.

Trump has accomplished more in his short tenure than many past presidents. Dionne's Democratic counterparts have displayed nothing that would enhance America, but instead have set people in violent rage against anyone who would support a president who has taken a stand for initiative and achievement and has brought reality back to our nation.

It appears to me that all the E.J. Dionnes do is tear down and create division. Sinking in his own quicksand, he in his mental quagmire thinks he supports the American people. Furthest thing from the truth.

Richard Baker

New Haven

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