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Saturday, June 08, 2019 1:00 am


Trash dumpers spoiling 'great and beautiful city'

It has come to my attention that making this city great and beautiful is evidently not sinking in for landlords and residents south and east of downtown.

Every day I wake up I find more and more TVs and tires dumped in and around the Fort Wayne area, around homes, businesses old and new, and especially closed businesses.

Please realize that everyone has to live someplace, and we strive to make it our best neighborhood, home, business, etc.

People in one area of town don't appreciate someone else's junk being dumped or uncared for in another area of town that they have to live in, even if it looks like a great dumping ground.

Countless times I have had to clean up trash, or take dumped tires and televisions, in to be recycled at my own cost.

Needless to say, these tires and junk are filled with old water swimming with mosquito larvae and much more.

To those who do care, we salute and thank you.

Until the city has one or two tire amnesty days, please at least think about what you are leaving for someone else to deal with when you dump in rivers, alleys, streets, by buildings and homes. This city is not a dumping ground for disease and mess.

J.E. Hambrock

Fort Wayne

Many factors contribute to treatments' high costs

In reference to “The cost of care” (editorial, May 15), the high continually rising cost of American health care flows from the poorly developed property rights of medical institutions and their financing.

Who has title to medical schools, not-for-profit hospitals, Medicare Parts A, B and D, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (currently being sued in federal court in Alabama on restraint-of-trade charges) and the federal agency administering Medicare? No one.

Our shortage of acceptable medical schools dates from 1910, when state legislators let the American Medical Association determine the qualifications to run a medical school. A quarter of practicing physicians in 2017 were trained overseas thanks to this legislative blunder.

Congress has no incentive to discuss Medicare's unfunded liabilities totaling trillions of dollars since they are not personally responsible and Congress has exempted itself from Medicare.

 John Goodman, the father of health savings accounts, pondered why it costs $5,000 to repair a dog's knee, which is similar to a human's, while the charge for fixing a human's is $15,000. A dog's owner lacks insurance, so he searches for the cheapest provider, and the veterinarian's facility is not tax-exempt. Everyone takes more care when spending his own money. Medicare Part A has a zero premium, giving the beneficiary the false impression that Part A is free.

By 1978, the average Medicare beneficiary was paying more in real terms for their out-of-pocket medical expenses than they were prior to Medicare's introduction even though Medicare was providing broader coverage.

That's progress, government style.

Charles R. Courtney

Riverside, Illinois

Christ's word commands defense of defenseless

During Roe v. Wade, most Christians sat on our big, fat duffs and did nothing, me included. However, now we need to come to the cry of these defenseless, beautiful, wonderful little children in the womb.

Not my idea, but Christ's. He even said he knew us before we were in the womb.

I can tell you our Lord loves every one of the children, no exception. Our Lord is calling each one of us to come to their defense.

Is it our last chance?

Don Page

Fort Wayne 

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