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Tuesday, June 11, 2019 1:00 am


Do-nothing party label can't be put on Democrats

In the May 31 letters column, David L. Nichols waxed enthusiastic concerning Donald Trump's “many” accomplishments. His list was notably short, pointing only to an economy “firing on all cylinders” and low unemployment.

He fails to realize that the economy was a gift from Barack Obama and its continued rising arc is a continuation of the economy Obama had going for seven years.

As to the low unemployment numbers, several sources lay part of that to the fact that many Americans cannot make it on one job and are holding two or more jobs to make their income workable.

If that is the sum of Trump's accomplishments, it should be noted they aren't.

He goes on to state that the Democratic House has done nothing but ramp up impeachment rhetoric. In fact, the House under Nancy Pelosi has passed more than 100 bills relating to health care, child care, election reform and environmental issues which are currently sitting on Sen. Mitch McConnell's desk collecting dust.

It is plain which party is doing nothing.

Edward J. Frank

Fort Wayne


School's help welcome

A great big thank you to the students and staff of Forest Park Elementary School. They made a very large food donation to the Lifehouse Forest Park food pantry. Their generosity will help many people.

Dave Knepple

Fort Wayne


Corruption not inevitable in building projects

Thanks for the article concerning Martin Quintana looking to rezone single-family residential to commercial after constructing an 8,800-square-foot “attached garage” and failing to comply with any of the requirements for constructing commercial buildings.

As a resident of the adjoining Covington Creek Condominiums, I am not thrilled about commercial development on our doorstep. But I am outraged that a building permit was issued for an 8,800-square-foot “garage” and that Quintana and his contractor, E.E. Brandenberger, think so little of the Fort Wayne Plan Commission that they pursued this scheme.

I am relatively new to Fort Wayne and perhaps this is “business as usual,” but if it happened anywhere else, there would be calls to investigate the building commission that issued the original permit. The assertion that the staff did not have reason to question the proposal is absurd on its face and smacks of incompetence, corruption or both. The fact that Quintana and Brandenberger assumed that the planning commission would go along with their scheme raises the same concerns.

It is perhaps inevitable that locations on West Jefferson Boulevard will be rezoned commercial, but incompetence, corruption or both in city departments is not inevitable.

Terry Nilles

Fort Wayne

Tear down GE buildings

A recent headline said “Future of Electric Works in doubt.” Great news! Let's tear that nasty mess down and create a mini Central Park.

Communities should never allow big corporations such as GE to make their millions and billions then walk away and leave their worn-out blight behind.

This is the best news I have heard about this project in months.

Steve Sipe

Fort Wayne

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