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Wednesday, June 12, 2019 1:00 am


Trash questions linger

For three weeks my trash and my neighborhood's trash have been missed by Red River. What is the problem? Low wages? Temporary workers? Incompetent management?

Also, before the next elections, maybe someone can review how this company came to be our trash collector. Yes, they were the low bidder. Did our officials look into this company to determine whether they were qualified? Which of our officials thought this was a good idea? I understand they bid $1 million less than our old company. Do they think $1 million worth of aggravation was worth it? Apparently the cheapest isn't always the best route to take.

Robert Pargeon

Fort Wayne

Fond retirement wish

Congratulations to Michael Joyner on his retirement from the Fort Wayne Police Department.

I remember him coming to my seniors group at Bethany Church and giving us some safety tips. He seemed like such a nice man and dedicated to his job.

Enjoy your retirement, Michael, and enjoy the sunshine.

Mary Reece

Fort Wayne

Kindness at Richard's

I was recently at Richard's in New Haven when my car wouldn't start.

I thought I would have to call towing, but a customer got jumper cables and got it started so I could get to a service station.

He would not take money or let me pay for his breakfast. Also, I had help from the cashier and waitress. I will pass it on.

Helen Allison

New Haven

CHEERS to Paul McCartney and Marshall AEG Live, as well as Randy Brown and the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum for providing free tickets and wonderful seats at the Freshen Up Tour concert to many of the consumers we serve at The League. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

John Guingrich

President/CEO, The League

No satisfaction tracking weather radar

Thinking the TV radar weather channel might have been moved and I didn't get the notice, I called the cable company. After working my way through all the recordings, I finally reached a person. I was asked such pertinent questions as: When do I watch this channel? How long have I watched this channel? When was the last time I watched this channel?

These questions were interspersed with five two- to four-minute absences to “talk to someone.” I was finally informed they had no knowledge of the situation. Total elapsed time, 35 minutes; customer satisfaction, 0.

I then called the local TV station and asked why the radar channel was now broadcasting a detective program. I was promptly told, “We can't tell you that.”

Total elapsed time, 2 minutes; customer satisfaction, 0.

Tom Booth

Fort Wayne

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