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Thursday, June 13, 2019 1:00 am


Weather radar move boosts admiration for PBS

June 8 started off really well as I opened The Journal Gazette and learned that PBS is going to assume support of the weather radar on 39.2 beginning July 1. This is very welcome news. My wife and I are senior citizens who depended on the radar channel to know what to expect with all the rain and storms we have been having. Fumbling with a small screen on a smartphone just doesn't cut it.

Thank you, PBS. I am sure I speak for many others.

Michael L. Noll

Fort Wayne

A thoughtful response to a bitter diatribe

When I read David Carroll's dark, bitter letter (May 28) excoriating “hard-left Democrats,” I wondered how long it would take for someone to respond. It was a short wait.

Roselyn Anderson's thoughtful, eloquent response (June 5) respectfully addressed Carroll's hate-filled diatribe point by point. The header, “Pray for a return of respect, decency,” says it all. I especially appreciated this point: “As a country, we need to rediscover the elements of respect and decent treatment of our fellow Americans that seemed to disappear when (Donald) Trump took office.”

People on all sides should read Anderson's letter, take a step back, and really think about her words: respect, decency, love – not hate. Words matter.

Thank you, Roselyn Anderson, for writing the letter I wanted to write but couldn't find the words. What she said!

Bonnie Caudill

Fort Wayne

Troubling development for medical care

How surprised and grieved our family was to receive a letter from the Lutheran Medical Group that our physician, Dr. Kent Farnsworth, will be leaving his practice after June 30.

We have trusted our health care needs to Dr. Farnsworth for more than 20 years – a relationship based on continuity of care either in the clinic or in the hospital setting.

This severance in care leaves patients adrift with physicians who do not know unique patient dynamics and the effect on patient care and follow-up.

I can only speak for my family when I state that we support Dr. Farnsworth's efforts to continue to practice in the Fort Wayne area and await the decision of the court to make this right.

Nancy O'Brien

Fort Wayne

CHEERS to Dan Buesching, owner and operator of Bueschings Peat Moss and Mulch.

We had one of our tractor pull scales that needed to be worked on that's too heavy for us to pick up and work on with our equipment.

Dan allowed us to use one of his payloaders during his busiest season. We ended up needing it not once but three days in a row. His help was much appreciated.

Bueschings has also been a good steward for the Lake Township area by helping keep the roads open when there's an overwhelming snowstorm and at the end of every day they sweep the road in front of the pit. They also sponsor the Arcola Fire Department tractor pull every year.

Bueschings – good friends and good neighbors.


Banet Enterprises, Arcola

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