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The Journal Gazette

Sunday, June 30, 2019 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Rockets' red glare not awe-inspiring for all

Here we go again, another fireworks season.

The phones at all our local veterinary clinics will be ringing every five minutes from clients asking for sedatives and anti-anxiety medications for their pets, especially dogs. For the next three to four weeks, a significant number of our beloved four-legged friends will be shaking, panting, pacing and hiding from the trauma of inconsiderate neighbors who persist in “blowing stuff up” from early evening until midnight or later.

I'm confident many of our veterans, active military and others suffering from PTSD are also affected by the barrage of explosions from both legal and illegal fireworks that our state and local authorities have allowed to proliferate over the past 10 years or so.

Professional fireworks and reasonable at-home displays over the Fourth of July and for a day or two certainly are to be expected and celebrated. However, an entire month of relentlessly disturbing the peace of our neighborhoods with constant explosions should not become our new norm.

Our first responders, police, firefighters and emergency room physicians certainly have much more important duties than dealing with the complications and injuries, especially to children, that result from these excessive at-home pyrotechnics.

These excessive displays are not patriotic but idiotic.

Dr. Paul Clemente

Fort Wayne

Head-in-sand approach demeans Catholic Church

Indianapolis Archbishop Charles Thompson penalized Brebueuf High School for not firing a gay teacher, saying that “all ministers must convey and be supportive of Catholic Church teaching.” Thus Brebeuf will no longer be recognized as a Jesuit high school.

I wonder whether the archbishop neglected to mention that the church's preference would be to employ pedophile ministers and some who preyed on nuns.

How unfortunate that the Catholic Church does not support same-sex marriage yet continues to hide and protect priests who have preyed on boys and girls for so many years. When will the Catholic Church ever get its collective head out of the sand?

Cindy Boggs

Rome City

Writer's change of heart offers hope come 2020

I've read letters from Curtis J. Ransom over the years and have rarely, if ever, agreed with him. Until June 21. His willingness, courage and transparency in admitting not only that he voted for Donald Trump in 2016 but that he will not vote for him in 2020, and that he made a mistake in 2016, gives me hope that others might follow suit. Thank you, Curtis J. Ransom.

Shelly Gilliland