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Monday, July 01, 2019 1:00 am


Democrats' giveaways raise troubling question

As of this writing, there are 25 Democrats running for their party's presidential nomination. That's good; citizens should have a rich smorgasbord from which to choose; unlike 2016 when their nominee was preordained ... after all, it was her turn.

What concerns me, and should concern all taxpayers, is that the Democratic primary seems to have devolved into a contest of who can give away the most: free college, free Medicare for all, reparations, forgive all student loans, voting rights for convicted felons. Isn't vote buying illegal in America?

Bruce Cynar



Henry counting on voters' short memories

June 21 marked the first time ináfour weeks that garbage was actually collected on trash day in my subdivision and two adjoining ones. Therefore, for a change, Iádid not contact 311, my city councilman or the mayor's office about garbage left curbside overnight or longerá– yet again.

Ináthe June 22 paper, the mayor was reported to have said in a recent interview: “Red River is doing its job 99% of the time.” I think the mayor is misinformed and overstating the facts.

It was reported there were “809 missed solid waste calls” in March, implying that 809 homes were missed. When I call 311, it's reported as one missed call, even though I stress thatáthree subdivisions comprising 800+ homes were missed.

And let's not be na´ve about “missed” calls. When 800+ homes are “missed” three consecutive Fridays, it is not because they are overlooked or forgotten; clearly it is by design. We had far fewer “misses” before the routes were reconfigured to improve collections.

City residents have endured the Red River fiasco for too long. In this election year, the mayor's failure to lead on this matter is baffling; one can only assume his garbage is timely collected and/or he believes voters have short memories. I urge residents to report every instance of uncollected garbage to 311, their city council representative and the mayor's office.

Rod Boze

Fort Wayne


Help for Buddy Benches

The Juneá23 Journal Gazette had a nice article about Sammie Vance and her drive to have more Buddy Benches made out of recycled bottle caps. Congratulations to her and a great project.

We have saved two bags full of bottle caps to donate. However, we cannot find out where we can drop these off locally. We took the first bag full to Walgreens, and the manager said they were no longer participating in the program. Will somebody please enlighten the public where we can drop off the bottle caps locally?

Roger Lindley

Fort Wayne

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