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Wednesday, July 03, 2019 1:00 am


Skill-building sessions boost Democratic women

Just over a year ago, Hoosier Women Forward – a political and civic leadership training program designed to empower Democratic women – announced it was taking applications for its first class.

Soon afterward, I was honored to be chosen as one of the 22 members of that inaugural class; you should consider applying this year.

First, Hoosier Women Forward's programming helps you figure out who you are. What are my strengths and weaknesses? Do I work well within a group? Our classes focused on these questions, and so many more, boosting confidence in our skills. We also learned how to be smarter when it comes to personal branding and social media and created a personal mission statement.

Second, the caliber of men and women who shared their knowledge and expertise with us was incredible. We heard from the state's first woman lieutenant governor, Kathy Davis, and former White House Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri. They talked with us about everything from leadership styles and how to pull a successful team together to the importance of connecting and growing a community of like-minded women in Indiana.

Finally, I cannot overstate how wonderful it was to spend time with my classmates. Our class was strong, diverse, brilliant and passionate. The complex paths that brought us together are amazing – and they culminated with a jam-packed trip to Washington, D.C., where we met with Hoosier leaders who added to our newfound knowledge.

I came away with a greater understanding of myself and, maybe more important, how I can better serve my city and state. I hope you'll apply to be a part of the next Hoosier Women Forward class. It's an extraordinary program, and I know you will value it, too.

To apply, go to The deadline is Friday.

Michelle Chambers

Fort Wayne

Grateful diner says thanks

Thank you to the person who bought my supper at Rick's in Waynedale on June 22.

It was graciously appreciated.

God bless you; I will pass it on.

Lavern Lee

Fort Wayne

Fireworks rules belie best-in-class aspirations

The time has come to ban the use of fireworks without a permit within the city limits. If Fort Wayne aspires to move forward in its transformation and be the “best-in-class” city it advertises on its website – the city that completes projects such as Electric Works, The Landing, Promenade Park, a boutique hotel, the Arts Campus, the Riverfront Project, the Ash Skyline Plaza, Superior Lofts, the Downtown Hampton Inn  and the impressive Deep Rock Tunnel, not to mention The Harrison and Parkview Field – it is going to have to ban the use of fireworks without a permit as a step toward modernizing and improving livability within its limits.

Fireworks are an important part of the celebration of our identity as a nation, and they are a wonderful spectacle that all ages can enjoy – in the right context. But in the days and weeks that lead up to the Fourth of July, the constant noise from individuals using them in the backyards and streets of the city's concentrated neighborhoods just does not make sense in a city such as Fort Wayne; it's an activity that is much more appropriate in the more rural areas outside the city limits.

If we want to continue to attract the best and the brightest to this up-and-coming city, we are going to have to lose this small-town custom.


Fort Wayne

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