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Friday, July 05, 2019 1:00 am


Lawmakers misrepresent education funding

In “Budget offers boost for Indiana educators,” the piece by northeast Indiana legislators David Abbott, Martin Carbaugh, Dave Heine, Matt Lehman, Chris Judy, Dan Leonard, Bob Morris and Ben Smaltz (June 30), it states: “A new law strongly encourages local schools to dedicate at least 85% of their funding to classroom expenses.”

This misrepresents what the bill does; the 85% in House Bill 1003 did not include the operations fund where property tax dollars go. It goes on to say that “less than 60% of state funding makes it to the classroom, taking critical dollars away from students and teachers.” But that 60% of state funding includes the operations fund, so while technically accurate, it is apples to oranges with the aforementioned bill.

In “Bill may shame schools' spending” (Jan. 10), it was reported that three of Allen County's four school districts were already intending on using more than 85% of the non-operations fund spending on the bill's definition of classroom spending. These same districts have had leaders complain about funding at the state level. They are doing exactly what the bill expects, but somehow legislators still point the finger at them.

Jorge Fernandez

Fort Wayne

Constant companions

I truly identified with Rick Ervin's letter about his little dog, Lucy (June 29). In May, I had to say goodbye to my constant companion, Sadie, a long-haired miniature dachshund. Sadie was a lot of company and a great source of comfort, especially after the unexpected death of my husband. I know Rick thinks he is lucky to have Lucy, but Lucy is just as lucky. I hope they have many days ahead.

Patty Wolfcale

Fort Wayne

For pets and for vets, take flags over fireworks

Instead of spending oodles of money on fireworks, how about everyone buy an American flag and display it at your house?

For those who spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on fireworks, buy extra flags and pass them out to those who cannot afford to buy one. What a great sight it would be to see Fort Wayne with thousands of American flags flying proudly from each household. The pets would be happy, the veterans would be happy and it would lift our spirits.

Lives would be saved because each year workers who manufacture these backyard fireworks are killed. Children are injured setting them off. Neighborhoods would be more peaceful. Flags made in America instead of fireworks made in China would prosper. It would be a win-win solution for everyone.

Mary Kay Matasky

Fort Wayne

Kitty recovering well

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped to help the kitten on June 21.

She was trapped in a storm sewer on the corner of Scott and Illinois roads, and she stayed just out of reach of rescue for much of the day. We were eventually able to save the kitten with the help of a long-handled can grabber purchased at CVS.

She is doing well and is under the care of EB Feline Rehoming until she is old enough to be spayed and adopted out. She is a sweet 6-week-old kitty who loves playing and snuggles.

It is good to know there are so many compassionate people living in our community, willing to take time out of their day to save one kitty's life.

Marcia Van Eden

Fort Wayne

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