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Saturday, July 06, 2019 1:00 am


Lack of voucher school accountability appalling

How can anyone not be enraged with the state education voucher program when they read the editorial about the voucher accountability charade (June 23)? How can anyone justify the compensation of the founder of the failed Horizon Christian Academy, comprising 300 students, making more than the superintendent of FWCS, the largest school system in Indiana with 30,000?

This same co-founder is being allowed to open a new, faith-based school using the voucher program ... how ludicrous! What a travesty that we put profit above the real needs of children.

Thank you to The Journal Gazette for bringing this to our attention. What has happened to checks and balances and accountability in our governments today?

Mary Short

Fort Wayne

Update DCS regulations to maintain vital service

I am writing in response to the June 26 article regarding the Department of Child Services suit involving two Allen County boys.

As a trained Montessori teacher and having had numerous child development and continuing education courses, I am disturbed by the allegations.

Change in the DCS system needs to occur. Let's look to the ones who make the regulations. First, I would recommend that once a child is placed, he or she should stay in one foster care home as long as possible (longer than 18 months) before reunification. Kids are being reunified too soon. Often, they are placed back in foster care and in a different foster home. If they stay in one foster care home for a longer time, the child or children develop stable, caring relationships with the foster parents (with an option for visitation with the biological parents).

Second, there is a shortage of foster homes. The reason is the social stigma that goes along with being a foster parent. Community members often say foster parents do it for the money, don't care about the kids' welfare and are abusive toward the foster kids. These statements may be true part of the time, but not entirely true. Mandatory drug testing should be implemented for all foster parents on a continual basis, of course.

Many foster parents could not have biological children themselves, and actually love children. Others wanted a big family, but could only have a limited number of children biologically. There are many reasons why loving people become foster parents.

I seriously feel for the nine Hoosier kids who may have been mistreated by DCS. It is a shame they weren't cared for properly, if that is the case. The Indiana DCS regulations need updating to fit with societal issues and family problems Hoosiers face.

Contact your local state representative or the governor's office to express your concern for the Indiana DCS program.

Stephanie Rhodes

Fort Wayne

Focus sections showcase for community, paper

I just wanted to tell The Journal Gazette staff how much I am enjoying the Focus sections of the Sunday paper. There is a ton of work there, and The JG deserves kudos for making such an extensive commitment to local reporting.

The features are well-written and engaging, and they reveal things about our community that people really need to know.

Thank you for fighting the good fight at a time when newspapers continue to face challenges and journalists are disparaged and attacked.

Press on! (Subtle pun intended.)

Jeffery R. Krull

Fort Wayne

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