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Sunday, July 07, 2019 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Soccer team loses fan over White House stance

I enjoy most sports, even those I never played and am not that knowledgeable of. I was really cheering on the American women's soccer team until one of the members used a gross profanity regarding being invited to the White House.

I am a disabled veteran with a Purple Heart who served in the Marines in Vietnam. Does anyone have any idea what thousands of us would give to be invited to meet the president of The United States of America in the Oval Office?

It makes no matter who that person is, what political party they belong to or what their ideology is. It is a singular honor to be invited and recognized for a particular achievement. To conduct herself in a profane manner has left me no other choice but to wish the USA women's soccer team lose by a score of 100-0. No longer a fan of them.

Dave Cooper


Bad dream sadly mirrors present-day realities

Recently a bad dream visited me, but it ended with comforting words.

Like many bad dreams I have had over the years, this one seemed to come out of nowhere but, in retrospect, it had been building up for the last couple years.

I dreamed that our country was in deep peril and that it was visible to some – perhaps many – but not all. Many of those most in disbelief to our collective peril had been in their own state of peril for a long time and were looking, longing for a way out.

But in my dream my state of frustration and anxiety was charged because I could see the structural framing of our now house-divided nation on the verge of giving way. Even the once-strong foundation upon which our strong democratic house was built was crumbling before my dream-state eyes.

In my dream, what frightened me most was the knowledge that the source of our collective peril was in plain sight. What we had to fear was not fear itself, but the president himself. In other words, the emperor who had no clothes on or the elephant in the room was whom we had to fear.

While our nation was on the verge of crumbling, our president was undermining our house, our home, our nation by using language unheard of heretofore at a pace designed to confuse and confound.

To him, the enemy of the people was the free press. Their news was fake news. The FBI, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the EPA, our past president, our past secretary of state, even war heroes long-held in captivity – all were part of a deep-state conspiracy as voiced by this emperor-president.

But bad dreams inevitably run out of steam and, with the light of day and the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., so did mine. Yes, King made a cameo appearance in my dream and he left me in a more comfortable dream-state. For it was he who said, “Relax, my brother, no leader of the free world would say such things. You are dreaming.”

Then I awoke to reality.

Greg Slyford

Fort Wayne

Blocked storm drains could cause backups

As my husband and I were driving along the newly improved Bass Road, we noticed that all the storm sewer drains were covered with dried grass and dirt. How is good drainage maintained without open storm sewer drains? I have also noticed the same condition on some sections of Illinois Road and Indiana 14. Where did all the street sweepers go?


Fort Wayne