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Monday, July 08, 2019 1:00 am


City should consider trash-collection startup

The June 27 editorial about trash pickup in Fort Wayne missed an opportunity. Instead of dismissing the use of city workers as a temporary fix for the problems with for-profit trash haulers, why not explore the possibility of the city hiring its own staff to do the work permanently?

The city got caught in a typical trap in this “run government like a business” era. The former contractor wanted more money and the city felt legally bound to change to a lower bidder – with ridiculous results.

Since this is a city election year, it's the perfect time to consider a major change in the way the city addresses a controversial issue. We could get rid of private trash service and create a staff of dependable city workers to do the job. We would keep all the money in our community and, if there are problems, we would rely on ourselves to solve them.

I realize there would be major challenges in such a change, but I think the potential benefits could be worth the effort.

Evan Davis

Fort Wayne

Clinton-Superior crossing is ripe for attention

I have been concerned for years about a corner in the downtown Fort Wayne area that I pass on my daily walks. When I read the editorial (“Slow down!,” June 28) in The Journal Gazette, I decided to express my concerns.

At the left turn lane on Clinton Street at Superior Street, there have been repeated accidents. I have seen the installation and destruction of several streetlights and concrete buttresses on the southeast corner of that intersection. It seems apparent that cars get in that far left lane once they cross the Martin Luther King Bridge, build up speed as they drive through Headwaters Park then go full speed through the green light without being aware that the road ends.

The prevalence of this destruction has prompted me to look carefully at the markings along southbound Clinton, and I can see how easily someone could make this mistake, after dark, if they are unfamiliar with the road.

A possible remedy might be to clearly mark that lane as “turn only” as soon as it is added, after the bridge. Rumble strips along the left lane for a few feet before the intersection would add extra caution. A green-arrow signal at the light would probably be most effective.

So far, I don't believe there have been any fatalities at this location, but as foot traffic increases downtown, I think the danger is concerning. At the very least, addressing this situation could save many expensive repairs for the city as well as for the drivers who learn, too late, that their road has run out.

Susan Pape

Fort Wayne

Catholic Church cleaning up its act

I strongly object to statements made in Cindy Boggs' letter (June 30).

Stating that the Catholic Church prefers to employ pedophiles is not true. Also, to state “the Church continues to hide and protect priests” who abused in the past is also not true. This is a direct attack on the Catholic Church and should not have been printed in the newspaper.

The Catholic Church is cleaning its house. It is time for other churches and organizations to do the same. Pedophilia is present in all walks of life, not just one church. The author is the one with her head in the sand.

Sally Quake

Fort Wayne

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