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Tuesday, July 09, 2019 1:00 am


Dogs detract at market

Can there ever be too many dogs?


I no longer shop at the downtown outdoor farmers market on Saturday morning because it has turned into a dog parade. A couple years ago I got tangled in a dog's leash and ended up with my forehead on the sidewalk. Since then, I avoid crowded situations where people bring their dogs.

Vendors are reluctant to speak. An anonymous vendor complained about dog paws on her table: “Dogs are still in total chaos on a weekly basis.”

I appreciate responsible dog people, yet irresponsible dog owners ruin it for everyone. As a compromise, I suggest the outdoor farmers market instigate a dog-free hour from 9 to 10 a.m. If you agree, let the market managers know.

T.W. Johnston

Fort Wayne

Accountability missing in new state board

In the June 30 Journal Gazette, on Page 6C is a review of House Bill 1115, under the heading of Tourism. But is the bill really about tourism or about creating another non-governmental agency with no oversight from our elected officials? The article states, “quasi-governmental agencies must follow some state laws and rules,” so can I choose what laws and rules I want to follow?

How can I get on the state gravy train of having taxpayer money given to me with no oversight, no rules and no yardstick of success? And I get to tell the state how well my program is doing but we need more money for the program to really be a great success?

It's taxpayers' money being used to fund this new scheme for bringing tourists and their dollars into Indiana. Under the guise of economic development, taxpayers are again asked to trust the professionals. They are the same professionals who gave us the lottery that was going to fix our roads and make our schools better, but done by a seven-member board appointed by the governor and the head of the economic development corporation. That sounds like the Regional Partnership that has given us the Road to One Million and more catchy sayings that have little to do with true economic development but more to do with keeping taxpayer dollars going to the right people and organizations that support the agenda of the Chamber of Commerce.

Who's looking out for the taxpayers? According to the article, the state has given away this job to a group of appointed good old boys who don't have to follow the law or be accountable to anyone.

Thank you, Indiana, for again making me want to ask for funds from the Legacy Fund to remove the words “we the people” from the Allen County Courthouse and replace those words with “just sit down and shut up.”

Robert Armstrong

Allen County Councilman at large

Fort Wayne

News article crossed line

I was surprised at Niki Kelly's editorializing in her June 28 story about John Westercamp's announcement of his campaign seeking the GOP nomination for Indiana attorney general. She wrote, “Westercamp is on the far-right of the political spectrum – even having attended the infamous private signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in then-Gov. Mike Pence's office in 2015 that led to a national furor.”

Such terms as “far-right” and “infamous” would be more appropriate in an editorial than in a news article.

Darrell Turner

Fort Wayne

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