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  • Mike Moore | The Journal Gazette A member of the Fort Wayne Fire Department sets up a roadblock on North Clinton Street Thursday as plumes of natural gas fill the air behind him.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 1:00 am


Physician's touch will be greatly missed

Some may say he was just a doctor, but he was more than a doctor to me. He was a godsend, my lifeline, and I considered him my friend.

After 23 years of service to his community, meeting the needs of more than 2,000 patients, Dr. Kent Farnsworth can no longer practice medicine in Fort Wayne or the surrounding area for a year. Not because he was negligent, not because he violated the law but because he wanted to be able to give complete and total care whether in his office or in the hospital.

I have a debilitating disease which I had to go to Indianapolis to get diagnosed because I could not find a specialist in Fort Wayne who cared enough to diagnose versus just treating symptoms. Dr. Farnsworth gave me that referral. For the last six years he has followed my care and micromanaged me locally when necessary – phone calls to Indianapolis consulting other doctors and documentation when hospital stays were necessary and followups in office.

All that changed in October when Dr. Farnsworth was no longer allowed to make rounds in the hospital. The judge and the lawyer didn't believe that Dr. Farnsworth's patients complained, but I know one did –  me. I went from communication between all doctors to area hospitals not even being willing to pick up the phone and consult a doctor right across the street. I, as the patient, was caught between bureaucracies; my health care has greatly suffered

God help us, God help Fort Wayne, God help this country.

When our health care system becomes more about money and less about humanity and patient care, it's a sad, sad day. Thank you, Dr. Kent Farnsworth. Thank you for your service to this community and for your constant patient advocacy. You will be missed and I will gladly wait for your return.

Lori Traxler


Gas leak underplayed

News coverage, the fire department and police did not do enough to make the public aware of the dangerous situation on June 27.

I took my garbage out and in about three minutes was overcome by the smell of gas. I felt dizzy, got a headache and felt sick to my stomach.

Penn Avenue is much closer to the leak than Turnstone, and our street was not checked for air quality.

A fire truck was at the end of our street, stopping traffic on North Clinton, but allowed cars to come down Penn, which is a dead-end street. Cars came down and had to turn around and go back to North Clinton to wait.

I feel we should have been made aware of how serious the situation was and been told how to take the necessary precautions.

Mary Sickley

Fort Wayne 

Flag opponents have weak grasp on history

There appears to be some controversy regarding the display of the “Betsy Ross flag.”

The Betsy Ross flag features 13 stars in a circle, representing the United States' original 13 states.

Perhaps those attempting to demean our original national flag should take time to study our history and learn what the original 13 colonies stood for and represented.

There are always those individuals who will attempt to subvert our historic symbolism, but their efforts would die if the media would cease to capitalize on adversity.

I am a U. S. citizen and a proud veteran who has flown the Betsy Ross Flag every Fourth of July for more than 20 years, and I will continue to do so forever.

Darrell Thompson

Fort Wayne