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Saturday, July 13, 2019 1:00 am


Trash woes could cost Henry his mayor's job

In 1979, Chicago Mayor Michael Bilandic lost his bid for reelection. Jayne Byrne won on what was attributed to Bilandic's failure to keep the streets properly plowed when snow fell. It seems as if we in Fort Wayne may be experiencing a similar issue with our trash pickup.

Many residents have complained about their trash not being picked up. My trash sat at the curb for seven days before it was picked up recently.

Several of my neighbors reported the issue to the appropriate authorities, but they apparently never received any response as to when the missed pickups would be rescheduled.

With service like this, Mayor Tom Henry may have difficulty being reelected. The chances for Tim Smith replacing Henry improve with each failed pickup.

Glenn Auchtung

Fort Wayne

Democrats demonstrate unfitness to govern

Like most Americans interested in the 2020 presidential election, I watched both rounds of the Democratic debate.

Although for me no one candidate stood out, the substance of the questions and the answers and non-answers stood out more than any person. When asked whether they would want to abolish all private insurance companies, some of the candidates were completely on board. Some even pledged that under their health care plans, illegal immigrants, all 12 million to 13 million of them, would have access to taxpayer-funded health care. When pressed on how these programs would be funded, most gave non-answers and stuck to their talking points and pre-scripted sound bites.

The bigger issue at hand here is that the Democratic Party is not fit to govern this country with how far left the party has moved. I will make no excuses for President Trump and the way he governs, but Trump has followed through on his promises. There have been almost 6 million jobs created since the election and we are on track to deliver the 10 million jobs Trump promised for his first term. Our military is better funded, we have opened a dialogue with North Korea, and we are at peace, save for the conflict with Iran. On immigration, Trump has worked with Mexico to secure both sides of our southern border.

Although November 2020 is an eternity away, what I saw and what the country saw from the Democratic Party was a party ready to raise taxes, abolish entire industries, cripple our economy with a $15 minimum wage and further destroy the fabric of our Constitution. Regardless of who becomes the nominee, they will not be fit to lead this country and our people.


Fort Wayne

Opening ceremonies were a spectacle

Fort Wayne missed out. We went to Parkview Field to watch the opening ceremonies for the Goalball & Judo International Qualifier. It was an evening well spent.

Each country's athletes marched in, carrying their country's flag. It was a sight to see, the sight-impaired athletes smiling from ear to ear and so proud to be there. There was a very enthusiastic crowd to cheer them on.

There wasn't much in the way of promotion for an event of this magnitude. I talked to several people who knew nothing about it until they saw it on the evening news.

The Voices of Unity Youth Choir gave an outstanding performance, and the Sweetwater All Stars put on an amazing show. I'm sure a lot of people are disappointed they didn't know of this very entertaining event right here in the Fort.

Tom Loy 

Fort Wayne

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