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Saturday, August 17, 2019 1:00 am


'Let guns stop guns'

The mass shootings of Aug. 3 and 4 were senseless and horrible, a testament to man's inhumanity to man.

The first reaction is to take all guns from the citizens of this country, but had there been a legally armed citizen there to take action at either incident, the death toll would have been much less if not possibly no deaths at all. I am 100% in favor of toughening the laws concerning gun ownership but never a complete gun ban.

Feel-good outbursts of emotional decision-making are just that – decisions made without sober thought. If the First Continental Congress had not included the Second Amendment, we would be speaking with someone else's accent. Instead we are a strong nation of just laws and a beacon of freedom to the world.

Knee-jerk reactions to bad situations are irresponsible and can be potentially dangerous. It's OK to let guns stop guns.

Eric J. Hinkle

Fort Wayne

Victory Noll sisters urge gun violence remedies

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the United States made a public statement after the latest mass shootings. We concur with what they had to say and want to reiterate the importance of speaking out against the indiscriminate violence we are experiencing as a nation.

The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton impel us to beg all citizens and elected leaders to end the rampant rage and division that have overpowered the nation and too often resulted in mass, indiscriminate violence.

The demonization of groups has been shown to result in violent acts; some who hear this speech interpret it as promoting targeted violence. We insist that society be protected from such terrorism. We are called to confront rhetoric that stokes racism and hatred of anyone perceived to be “different.” We are all responsible for monitoring our own language and actions and calling attention when the language and actions of others cross the line.

We implore all legislative bodies to pass legislation that effectively prevents gun violence. We call for the passage of laws that ban assault weapons, require universal background checks for all gun sales, provide funding for gun violence prevention research, and make trafficking in weapons a federal crime.

As a congregation of Catholic sisters, we pledge our support to end the scourge of rage and hatred that has gripped our nation, and we will be unfailing in our efforts to call for legislation that works to end gun violence quickly and effectively.


Leadership team, Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters


GM transplants overlook greatest opportunity

Just a couple of thoughts about the GM employees who had to accept transfers to keep their $90,000-a-year salaries.

For how many centuries have people had to leave the familiar to go where the economic opportunities were and do so with no guarantee of a stable, well-paying job? Unless you are of Native American stock, somebody in your family was either forced to face a New World experience or was driven to risk the voyage to America to escape tyranny, famine or inescapable class restrictions. Again, did any of them expect the kind of economic success assured GM union workers?

Sadly, none of those quoted (“GM transfers tell moving stories,” Aug. 11) sought the best places to find friends, complete acceptance, advice about doctors, entertainment opportunities, BBQ joints, friends for their kids and chances to become part of the community. I speak of our many churches, especially Fort Wayne Baptist.

R. Foy Rusk

Fort Wayne