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Wednesday, August 21, 2019 1:00 am


A welcome helping hand

Many thanks to Chuck Jordan for his great expertise and help on a major housing project. He has volunteered much of his time to help us in this effort, and it has been outstanding. He does a wonderful job and is a great help to the community.

M.A. James


New jail policy puts profit over people

The Allen County jail's new ban on printed material is about profit – period.

Officials (“Jail's shift to tablets criticized,” July 24) claim it was put into place for “safety,” a blanket reason most jails/prisons respond with to satisfy public concern. They failed to mention that prior to their ban, the only printed material allowed was already restricted to what was provided from a library maintained by the Allen County Jail Chaplaincy Board. If there was a concern illegal material was coming in through printed reading material, that would have been an internal issue. They also claim too many books in a cell could create safety concerns, but a much easier and less restrictive measure would have been a limit to the number of books one inmate could have at a time.

Prisoners' only option to access reading material is via tablets, and the service provider of those is GTL, which gives hefty kickbacks to Indiana jails and prisons from the profits it makes at the expense of family and friends of those who are incarcerated and who must shoulder this cost. We as a community should not be OK with the Allen County Jail putting profit over people: people in the community who shoulder the burden of these expenses and people incarcerated who now have no access to printed materials. First was their ban on all in-person visits earlier this year, now the ban on printed material, all to increase their profits from GTL.

Banning in-person visits and printed materials will not help those incarcerated be more successful upon reentry, and it will not reduce recidivism, but it will leave inmates worse off than when they went in. This adversely affects everyone in our community. Let's take a stand and say no: No ban on printed material. No more policies that place profit over people.

Emily Bernard

Fort Wayne

Democrats' deficiencies make for pathetic 'hobby'

Hobbies are great things. They take your mind off the drudgery of all those annoying, bothersome, daily duties. For Democrats in Congress that would include things like identifying problems, writing laws and allocating money to fix those problems.

But the Democratic clique has found a new hobby: building roadblocks to anything President Donald Trump does, or tries to do, or for that matter has done. As a taxpayer, I wish they had spent their time crafting 21st century immigration policy and then funding it; rather than trying to “trap Trump.” To hear the Democrats complain about the tragedy and horror at the border (do recall that six months ago they – and much of the media – said it was a “made-up crisis”) you would think they had nothing to do with creating it.

They are like the landlord who sets no rules, no expectations and spends nothing on maintenance then complains loudly that his property has become a catastrophe. And looks for someone else to blame.

Bruce Cynar