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The Journal Gazette

Thursday, August 22, 2019 1:00 am


Paper vote backup essential for 2020 election

The Journal Gazette (July 30) reports that Allen County will have a paper vote backup – truly a good thing when it was discovered, and agreed to by Republicans and Democrats alike, that the Russians had practiced extensive and pervasive interference in the 2016 election with the goal of supporting Donald Trump and discouraging support for his competitor.

Not implementing the paper vote backup technology until 2029 belies the fact that the Russians are going to interfere with our 2020 election (a contention supported by all of our intelligence agencies). It is believed the interference will probably be even more invasive, given the support for it by the White House, with perhaps even attempts to change actual votes at polling places.

I implore Beth Dlug, Allen County director of elections, to realize the delay in implementing paper vote backup is a clear message to the Russians it's OK to interfere in the 2020 elections as we will have no backup to confirm votes at the polling places.

I read that it will cost $1.2 million to implement this technology. In my mind, that is a small amount to secure our elections in the future.

We must act now to get paper vote backup technology for the 2020 presidential election. Act now to secure our democracy for ourselves and to the world that depends on us as a beacon of freedom.

David Maher

Fort Wayne

'Draining the swamp' requires leadership

The passing of Richard Lugar evoked effusive praise from our two U.S. senators and our district congressman. They consider him to be the ultimate exemplar of a statesman and reserve a place for him in the pantheon of America's greatest lawmakers.

No mention was made that he was unceremoniously dumped by Hoosier voters in the 2012 GOP primary; Hoosiers opted for Richard Mourdock, a tea party candidate with limited political experience, a disdain for compromise and a muddled mind. Ironically, though these lawmakers verbally regard Lugar with esteem, they share a much stronger political kinship with Mourdock. They decry gridlock but are averse to bipartisanship and they consistently cast their votes as directed by party leadership. Each of them professes a commitment to “Hoosier values” – a common code of decency the people of Indiana think they exclusively possess – yet they fail to remonstrate a president whose virtually every action spits in the face of those values. They are pro-life, willing to vest rights in the unborn while stripping the mother of the agency to make the decision on whether bringing another being into existence is in the best interests of her and the child. At the same time they promote an economy of abundance for the here and now while showing no concern or misrepresenting the climate catastrophes that will afflict the yet-to-be-born as a result of their neglect of climate change.

Draining the swamp and making America great again may be the goals of Indiana's voters, but let me tell you, they can't be accomplished by sending a swamp rat to the White House and supplying him with toadies to do his bidding.

Chester Baran

Fort Wayne

CHEERS to every organization, city department and individual who helped create, design and build Promenade Park – one of the most beautiful city parks in our region.

Ed Welling on behalf of Friends of the Parks of Allen County