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Friday, August 23, 2019 1:00 am


Fix Red River foul-ups

Our street and alley were missed again on garbage day – the seventh time this year it's happened. Trash left behind and cans scattered all over, the neighborhood winds up a mess. To say those folks are a little forgetful in their duties would be generous at best. So it's time for Red River to go; no more emails, no more texts. If the city cannot cure this ill, maybe a change in mayor will be next.

David L. Nichols

Fort Wayne

Smith better for mayor, YouTube ads make clear

Recently, while watching YouTube videos, I watched Mayor Tom Henry's and challenger Tim Smith's ads. They clearly show why it is an easy choice who should be the next mayor of Fort Wayne.

Henry's ad was static and repetitive of previous campaigns. Relatives sitting around a living room praising his accomplishments hardly addresses the pressing problems we face: violent crime, unmet plans for neighborhoods and downtown congestion.

Smith's ad, on the other hand, showed a concern for generational concerns. He stressed making our city safe and prosperous. The ad showed Smith meeting with business leaders and neighborhood leaders.

These ads show who has the energy and stamina to be a great mayor. Tim Smith has the ideas and experiences needed to help Fort Wayne prosper and thrive for future generations.

W. Patrick Sefton

Fort Wayne

Downtown renaissance reason to keep Henry

I moved to Fort Wayne in 2007. One of the first things our Realtor did when we were looking for a house was take us on a tour. I was less than impressed when we went through the downtown area. Being from Chicago, Fort Wayne's downtown was invisible to me. Less than a block away from the area, it looked a little seedy. That was then.

Now, after living here for 12 years, I recently took another tour of our downtown. When I think back to what it was, I can say there has been amazing improvement. It seems larger now and more what a city downtown should look like. Cleaner, more stores and places to live, shops that would do any city proud. Even a baseball park.

The man behind this change is the current mayor. Tom Henry has served us well. In fact, I think he has been the ideal mayor. The recent problem with trash removal is a minor thing when we look at his overall career. His opponent in this race, Tim Smith, will doubtless harp on the trash-removal thing. He has nothing else to find fault with. And like every other problem Tom Henry has solved for us, he will solve this one also.

We need a guy like this who genuinely cares for the city and who, as anybody can see, loves his job.

Edward Frank

Fort Wayne 

Council's moral abdication

Shame on Michael Barranda, John Crawford and Glynn Hines, who failed to take a stand against adultery.

Shame on Paul Ensley, who was afraid to take a stand also but did not want to be held accountable so abstained. Shame on Tom Didier and Jason Arp, who did not think it important to do their job and were absent.

I heard someone say it was a moral issue and the government should not be involved. However, murder and robbery are also moral issues.

Russell D. Riley

Fort Wayne