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Saturday, August 31, 2019 1:00 am


Privatizing trash pickup would congest city streets

While listening to the problems with Fort Wayne's trash collection, I couldn't help but note Paul Ensley's comments on Aug. 20. Allowing citizens to hire independent contractors sounds good, but there is one major issue. Where I live, the majority of the housing addition has the same company. But others either don't like the pick up day or the company. Thus, we have three or four trucks coming through the addition every week. That is what would happen in the city as well.

Dick Shenfeld

Fort Wayne

GOP own worst roadblock on path to solutions

In an Aug. 21 letter, the writer decried that Democrats have made a hobby of “building roadblocks to everything Donald Trump does, or (is) trying to do, or for that matter has done.” It seems he is complaining that the Democrats are doing to Trump the same thing  Republicans did to President Obama. How many times did the Republicans put up a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act when they knew it wouldn't stand a chance of being passed into law, and they didn't have a replacement bill or plan? The writer fails to recognize that President Trump has done his utmost to undo everything that President Obama did.

The author seems to overlook that since the Democrats took over as the majority in the House, they have been busy identifying problems, writing bills and allocating money to fix those problems. The roadblock to accomplishing these solutions is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been making an art of his “hobby” of collecting most of these bills in his desk, so “little gets accomplished.”

Yes, most of the issues at the border haven't been solved. But I would remind the writer that neither party can put together a consensus within its members on how to fix the problems. How can we hope to get both parties together to agree upon a solution? Meanwhile, Trump continues to make moves that aggravate the problems in hopes of justifying the expense of building an ineffective wall to fulfill a campaign promise, a wall he insisted Mexico would pay for.

The real solution to the problems at our southern border is to use some of the money that he's asking for to work with the Central American countries from which these people are fleeing. But that's something Trump is incapable of doing and on which his party is reluctant to buck him.

Ralph Watson

Fort Wayne

Get government involved on high hotel rates

I agree with the Aug. 20 editorial regarding predatory lending and exorbitant interest rates charged to the poorest in our society.

When we get the government completely in control of who can lend to whom and at what rate, I suggest we tackle a similar problem.

I was recently staying in Fort Wayne and was charged what amounted to more than $70,000 per year for a local hotel room after taxes and fees. That was the rate for a 350-square-foot room with one bed and one bathroom. I think the government should limit hotel charges to no more than $10,000 per year for a studio room. This would work out to about $35 per night.

Predatory hotel charges must be stopped!

Dave Bledsoe

Knoxville, Tennessee