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Sunday, September 01, 2019 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Zoning board rulings send mixed messages

So the owner of the building on Jefferson who figured it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission got his zoning approved. A sight-impaired Amish man asks permission to build his father's buggy business structure closer so he can get to work is turned down. Where is the sense in this?

Perhaps if the Amish man had built the building and asked forgiveness afterward, it would have been granted. I feel badly for that man who followed the rules but was slapped down. Shame on the zoning board!

Jane Vorndran

Fort Wayne

'NRA's mantra is a blatant failure'

In response to Eric J. Hinkle's letter on Aug. 17, Shirley Glade asks in her Aug. 27 letter why there are minimal reports of armed citizens taking down a mass shooter. The NRA always says to solve our gun-death epidemic by letting “a good guy with a gun stop a bad guy with a gun.”

Hinkle and others of his persuasion often exclaim that everyone who wants to do something about this epidemic of gun death will take “all the guns away.” Those in favor of gun control aren't asking for that. It certainly isn't realistic. You only hear that from the NRA and gun fans who want to gin up fear among the most extreme supporters of guns. That fear gets them loyalty and NRA contributions. 

Well, gun fans, you've been lied to. No one is proposing to take “all the guns away,” but many are proposing reasonable steps to make America safer, such as required firearm registration, closing gun show loopholes, red-flag laws, well-funded government research into firearm safety, high-capacity magazine bans and restricting assault weapons to the settings where they are actually useful: the military and law enforcement, with buy-back programs for assault rifles.

So, for Glade and especially for Hinkle and other gun fans, I have the perfect example of a “good guy with a gun” stopping a “bad guy with a gun.” In the Dayton massacre, two police officers were right there (not one “good guy with a gun”, but two!) and reacted as quickly as humanly possible; they shot the shooter dead within 32 seconds. They could only have responded more quickly if the mass murderer-to-be had walked up and told them in advance what he was going to do. It took a few seconds for the officers to figure out what was going on, and a few seconds to get their guns out, and the murderer's body armor probably slowed some of the shots. But the police officers were courageous and heroic in taking down this “bad guy with a gun.”

This is the best the NRA and gun fans have to offer us. A real success. The killer was taken out. Except even in this best-case scenario, nine people were murdered before the “bad guy with a gun” could be stopped.

The NRA's mantra is a blatant failure, and a lie. America needs to step back from being awash in guns.

Phil Wright


Voting changes should be lawmakers' priority

We're deep in the off season for Indiana legislators. Lawmakers won't return to Indianapolis for months. As state legislators set their goals and priorities for the next session, automated verification and registration of votes should be at the top of their lists. It's the perfect policy to begin a legislative session: It addresses a critical issue, it's an easy policy to implement, it demonstrates responsibility and it's bipartisan.

Without secure voter rolls, other security improvements are only half measures. Automated verification and registration ensures voter rolls are up to date, accurate and reliable, helping to prevent both foreign interference and voter fraud. 

It requires a one-time capital investment, then saves money. It's a one-time fix that improves services without costing taxpayers more money.

Republicans and Democrats in 20 states have already adopted automated verification and registration. Indiana should, too. Our lawmakers need to make it their top priority.

Trey Grayson

Secure Elections Project

Florence, Kentucky

'Tender affection' flows with memories

Betty Stein was a kind, gracious, elegant lady who expressed her love of life by how she lived each day to the utmost.

She had a passion for education and shared her knowledge of books, poetry, art, music, history and theater with her many readers.

I admired Betty and enjoyed her “By the Way” column so much that I wrote her a letter expressing my appreciation.

What a wonderful surprise when a short time later, Betty replied to me. A woman who was so very busy with many worthwhile projects took the time to write to me.

I have two cards from Betty, and there was also an enjoyable telephone call – all very special to me.

Betty Stein was a beloved treasure to the people of Fort Wayne and will be remembered with tender affection.

Joyce E. Tyner

Fort Wayne

Formulate opinions from wider viewpoint

l could hardly believe Bruce Cynar's shallow interpretation of Democratic clique finding a new hobby (Letters, Aug. 21). Stop watching Fox News and cast your information intake net a bit farther out.

If he watched real news, he'd come to understand that the House of Mitch has stalled all the bills, period. We cannot get immigration reform passed, gun laws passed, voting security passed – the list goes on and on. The great stall lands at the Republicans' feet.

Never at any time have the Democrats claimed the border crisis was made up. They are the ones who went to the border to get a firsthand look and report the horrors and mistreatment. The Democrats have drafted immigration reform, which sits on the desk of House of Mitch.

The roadblocks, as he calls them, are coming from the Republican chaos created by President Trump.

Looking at the Republican Party lines: Let's kill all the animal species on this beautiful planet, let's pollute the waters, let's dig and frack for more oil and destroy the planet, not to mention climate denial, backtracking on gun laws after meeting with the NRA chairman, and this is just in the past three weeks. What a sad sad way to think about this beautiful country and the people trying their best to bring civility back.

But l understand the Trump supporters are dug in and not likely to change their minds on any important issues facing all of us, not just the Democrats, but the Republicans as well – the human race. I listen to all sides and watch and read every article from the right and the left to make up my own mind and draw my own conclusions. I suggest Cynar do the same.

V.L. Williams

Fort Wayne

CHEERS to the incredible team from the Greater Allen County UAW CAP Council. They chose to donate their time and energy to the League for the Blind & Disabled during the 2019 United Way Day of Caring. These dedicated individuals worked diligently to ensure that The League and its property look their best for the consumers we serve. We could not have picked a better team to work with. Their compassion and hard work are appreciated.

Brenda Niccum

Information and referral coordinator

The League 

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