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Saturday, September 07, 2019 1:00 am


We need our leaders to be GOP voices of reason

As I observe the leadership in Washington, D.C., I am gravely concerned.

We have staggering debt, we continue to alienate our friends on the international stage, fringe groups on both the far right and far left are gaining, sane leadership is missing, and we govern and too often make what is supposed to be policy by tweet. As a world leader and a country, we cannot sustain this. We need well-thought-out voices on both sides of the aisle to speak up and address these issues and challenges.

The Republican Party is incredibly weakened today. What I always saw as the most important Republican Party principles have disappeared. So I ask Sens. Todd Young and Mike Braun, as well as Rep. Jim Banks, where do you stand? Do you believe in Republican Party principles? What is your vision for this great country? Are you willing to be a voice of reason that is needed to address the many challenges we face today? Or are you a “go-along” kind of person towing the line while focusing for the most part on the next election?

We need leadership. I am asking you to be the leaders you were elected to be, to be a voice of sanity that is so desperately needed, and needed now!

Thomas J. O'Neill

Fort Wayne

Left's desperation shows as it rolls out latest 'R'

I had to chuckle at a headline in the Aug. 15 Journal Gazette.

It heralded the alarm about an impending “recession,” which liberals like Bill Maher are openly hoping for.

As Maher spouted on his TV show, “It's the only way we can get rid of Trump!”

The mainstream news media is an echo chamber of anything anti-Trump.

So far, the Democrats have used the three “R's” to try to unseat our duly elected president. First, it was two and a half years of “Russia, Russia, Russia.” Then it was “Racist, Racist, Racist.” Now as Trump's approval rating keeps growing, they are now howling “Recession, Recession, Recession.”

It certainly will be interesting to see what they will come up with after he is re-elected in 2020.

I'm looking forward to finding out.

I find the left's desperation quite amusing.

Sharon Kirkpatrick


Indiana Fort Wayne has healthy academic presence

We have noted pictures of the return of students to school in Fort Wayne formerly known as IPFW. The focus has been on Purdue Fort Wayne, but we want to point out Indiana University Fort Wayne is alive and well and thriving on the Fort Wayne campus.

Indiana University students are living in university housing, attending the welcome week activities and starting or continuing their academic pursuits. Our presence on campus continues to grow with the introduction of programs in social work and health and human sciences added to our high-quality academic offerings in dental assisting, dental hygiene, dental technology, medical imaging, medicine and nursing. In January, we will add programs in public health-community health and health data science.

Our students and faculty are engaged learners and educators involved in the community through clinical experiences, internships, service learning and volunteerism. We at Indiana University Fort Wayne are proud members of the community and pleased to partner with our colleagues at Purdue Fort Wayne to educate and serve the citizens of northeast Indiana.

Dr. Fen-Lei ChangAnn M Obergfell

Indiana University Fort Wayne