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Friday, September 13, 2019 1:00 am


Officer came to rescue for stranded driver

I want to give a big thank you to the kind policeman who kept my passenger and me safe on Aug. 21 on Coliseum Boulevard between Vance Avenue and East State Boulevard.

My car suddenly lost power. I was in the left lane to turn left but had to coast to merge right and get onto the shoulder. Shortly after calling my husband, the policeman pulled in behind me with his lights on. How grateful I was! After I told him my dilemma, he backed up a little ways with his lights on to keep us safe and waited for my husband to arrive.

My husband was unable to find the problem. The policeman then encouraged my husband to get the car into Statewood Plaza if possible for our safety (and his also, I think). Somehow my husband floored it to get it a distance, but coasted the rest of the way in. The policeman stayed behind us until he knew we were safe. We then called our road service to get it home.

I don't know his name, but I hope he reads this to know how much I appreciate his help.

Betty Holmes

New Haven

'Superman' rescues fallen worker

About 6 p.m. on Aug. 31, I was cleaning the sidewalks using a gas backpack blower in front of Zion Lutheran Church on the corner of Hanna Street and Creighton Avenue. I lost my balance and fell down. With the backpack motor still running, I was struggling to get up.

A motorist observed what happened and stopped his vehicle in the street, got out of his van and crossed the street to help me. He grabbed my wrists and picked me up. He was a very strong person who could have been Superman had he been wearing a cape. All the traffic came to a halt. He made sure I was OK before he crossed the street, got in his van and continued south on Hanna Street.

This was an exceptional act of kindness when traffic was hazardous. I did not get his name, but I would really appreciate a call from him because I want to give him some tomatoes from my garden.

Walt Ostermeyer

Fort Wayne

Only 11,004 gun deaths? No need for changes

An Aug. 26 letter informed us that only 11,004 of the 40,000-some gun deaths in 2016 were firearms homicides. Really? Only 11,004 innocent people were gunned down in the United States while they were going about their everyday lives.

On Sept 11, 2001, just fewer than 3,000 people were killed. In reaction to that awful tragedy, all air traffic was immediately halted for days. The trauma of witnessing the event on television, over and over, affected all of us while all the networks exclusively covered it for days on end. The Department of Homeland Security was created, which has changed how we travel, get mail and myriad other things. We entered wars we are still fighting where thousands more have died.

But why do anything about gun control? Only 11,004 innocent humans beings were gunned down in 2016. It didn't happen any other year, right? It's all good – just as long as it's not your mother/father, husband/wife, children/grandchildren.


Fort Wayne