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Tuesday, October 01, 2019 1:00 am


Animal Care and Control's changes for the worse

After reading Pam Kline's letter (Sept. 22), it prompted me to think about my time as a volunteer at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control. I was there for some six years, I believe. I started in laundry, worked the front desk, served on their board and helped out the staff with interactions when they needed it.

Things began to change when the new adoption supervisor came in and made some drastic changes (as many volunteers saw it) to the way things were done. To my way of thinking it was to facilitate a quicker turnaround of animals to make their records look better. A few things I noticed:

• Same-day adoption without waiting a day for people to give it some thought as to whether they wanted to change their minds.

• Cancellation of calls to vets if the people had other pets to determine whether they were up to date with their vaccination records.

Based on the above changes and those mentioned in Kline's letter, I would never recommend someone get an animal from Animal Care and Control, unless they are sure they will never be bringing it back. How humiliating to have to submit to counseling if you are not satisfied with your pet. There are going to be a lot of animals running on the streets, put down or given away when folks for some reason cannot keep them.

I thought the procedures installed by the still-current adoption supervisor were inappropriate and ill-conceived.

I will recommend anyone go elsewhere unless they want to be put through the third degree.

Bill Oberg

Fort Wayne

Gift of 'goodness' prompts pay-it-forward moment

On Sept. 15, My granddaughter and I went to Kroger on West State Boulevard.

We were about to pay our bill when the gentleman in front of us said he was going to pay.

I was so surprised. He said he had “some goodness happen to him.” I don't remember saying thank you, so I do now.

V.I. Orr

Fort Wayne

With God's help, we can make changes we need

First I read about how boomers' grandkids will hate them over presumed inaction on the environment (Perspective, Sept. 22). Then I turned the page to a cartoon that indicates God is calling humans idiots for the same reason.

I am 55 yrs old and I remember in 1978 a blizzard closed International Harvester and all other institutions in northern Indiana for three or four days. Birchdale Drive would not be opened until a bulldozer came through. It promptly blew shut, but it gave us the opportunity to start digging out. What a blast we had!

In 1982, the flood hit and we sandbagged to save the city. President Ronald Reagan visited us while sandbagging, and Johnny Cougar thanked us with a free concert. What a blast we had!

Today we have proven we are not idiots by changing and improving this great creation by cleaning up our many mistakes and learning to enjoy it more.

Younger adults will see the climate change, too. The climate has been changing since God created it.

I respect the people who agree with the cartoon. But it should say sinners in place of idiots.

Keep your faith and you will be in the 29% who feel optimistic about climate change.

We all are smart, talented and created in God's image. The climate will continue to change and we will too. God would never call you an idiot.

Brian Todd


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