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Wednesday, October 09, 2019 1:00 am


Salute to a veteran

We had lunch at the Don Hall's on Lima and Coliseum on Sept. 27, and a veteran paid for our meals. I am a proud veteran of the Korean War and will pay it forward.

Thanks so much.



Smith campaign claims are verified online

A recent letter questioned some of the facts shared in Tim Smith's oped (“A shining city,” Sept. 19) asking whether anyone had fact checked Smith's claims. I decided to do my own research.

In short, each of the claims made by Tim Smith was true. The claims about debt (up 230% under Henry's leadership) and property taxes (up 56% under Henry) can be verified on the City of Fort Wayne's website within the Comprehensive Financial Annual Report. The statistics about crime (violent crime up 17%)? Again, found in the Fort Wayne Police Department's annual report.

I think the earlier-referenced letter would rather accuse Smith of smear tactics than take the time to do research and engage in an honest discussion about the state of our city.

Jack Beeber

Fort Wayne

Hays better positioned to advocate for district

I am a registered Republican and will normally vote for a Republican unless the Democratic candidate is far superior. Even if the Democratic candidate is only slightly better than the Republican candidate, I will vote for the Republican. But when the Democratic candidate is far superior to the Republican candidate, I will vote for the Democrat.

I believe in the race for the Fourth District that Patti Hays is far superior to Jason Arp.

Patti has been a contributor to Fort Wayne for many years. She has been on the executive board of the Allen County Department of Health.

Her plan includes support for our first defenders, who need our backing.

In comparison, Arp has demonstrated a complete lack of desire for progress for Fort Wayne.

One of the most beneficial recent developments is Electric Works. Arp voted against it.

Another improvement for Fort Wayne was the purchase of the North River property. Arp voted against it.

Arp created a scorecard for all the council members. He gave himself a 93, Paul Ensley an 80, and no other councilman more than a 32. What arrogance!

On a personal note, I am a member of Southwest Allen Partnership, the organization of homeowners association leaders in the southwest area of Fort Wayne. To the best of my knowledge, he has rarely or never appeared at this group's meetings, although many other city officials have. His representation of our community is a disaster, and he deserves to be removed from his office.

Patti Hays is the better person to represent our district than Arp; she deserves our support and votes.

Robert Beatty

Fort Wayne

A fine role model

I wanted to thank the dad and his daughters who were eating breakfast at Bob Evans Sept. 29 for paying for our breakfast. What a great example he is to his young daughters. Thank you; we will pay this gesture forward.

Lori Dressel


Letters deadline

Letters related to the Nov. 5 election must be received no later than noon on Monday, Oct. 28, to be considered for publication.

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