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Tuesday, December 03, 2019 1:00 am


Trump team corruption echoes worst of 1970s

This is in response to a letter by Byron Thompson on Nov. 20. He believes that the 10,000-plus lies, the immigrant children locked in cages, the attempted banning of Muslims, the constant praising of the world's dictators, the attacks on our NATO allies and the enrichment of the Trump family are in our imagination.

This president is the most incompetent in my lifetime. He is the most vulgar and childish president in my lifetime.

What those of us who oppose him don't understand is how people can delude themselves into believing that he has really done so much to make America great. His followers wear his slogan on a red hat declaring their allegiance, but I see it as the greatest of his failures. Not since the late '60s has this country been more torn apart. The world laughs at us where they once cheered us. The beacon of truth and justice that used to shine across the world has been dimmed

I have always felt America was a gift to the world – the one place where justice and freedom would always be defended to the last man or woman. We give hope to those places where freedom doesn't exist that someday it might. Your president's embrace of every dictator in the world is counter to what we are supposed to stand for. 

As far as Thompson's belief that we are conducting a silent coup, I will say this. It isn't silent. We will express ourselves loudly until this scourge has been driven from the White House. After he is gone, my next hope would be that all his enablers in Congress will be sent packing as well.

If you want a government you can trust, as Thompson says, then you have definitely made a mistake. How many of your president's people are now in jail? How many are yet to be convicted? You can listen to whomever you have been listening to, but the fact is this: This is as corrupt a government as we've had since the Nixon presidency.

Dennis Powell

Fort Wayne

A Christmas surprise

Guess whose Christmas stocking is going to be stuffed with lumps of coal?

Not nice, naughty Donny – not nice.

Dell Ford

Fort Wayne

Civil conversation needed among writers

I attended my first Civil Conversation sponsored by AVOW at the Arts United Center on Nov. 19. I encourage all to attend a future event.

We were asked to listen and ask questions as we spoke to others at our tables. Therefore, I was surprised at the Nov. 22 letter by Marilyn Moran-Townsend, a cofounder of AVOW. She used words like “threats” and “white supremacist” in connection with either Jason Arp or his campaign ad.

Two points: Every day, conservatives must read newspaper articles skewed to the liberal agenda; we are burdened to do research to find factual information. Secondly, I am sure conservatives view the 1776 flag as a part of our history and a reference to the recent disrespect to our current flag by a shoe company's support of a former athlete. As an example, I do not want to forgo carrying milkshakes, using cement or wearing black clothes just so I will not be associated with Antifa.

I do wish we could return to a time when all newspaper articles reflected fact and the editorial pages contained civilly stated opinions.

Diane Jones

Fort Wayne

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