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Friday, January 03, 2020 1:00 am


Term limits essential all across government

Tired of the president whining about impeachment?

This is a man with an ego so large he has to open two doors to enter a room. He cannot stand anyone telling him anything he does or says is wrong, and does not agree with good counsel because of his ego. Witness the advisers who have been fired or quit from sheer frustration. Reading the opeds, people are either totally for or totally against Donald Trump. His many faults have been thoroughly listed and discussed. Some have fallen for his claims the improvement in the economy is because he is in office. Don't think so.

I continue to get surveys from the Republican National Committee, soliciting financial support to keep this turkey in office.

They do not care about the answers on the survey, just the money. I gave up the labels of Democrat or Republican because I do not like the way either party is going.

Little imagination is needed to see either party wanting to be the sole power in American politics. Both parties have become obstructionist and are more concerned with personal power than serving their constituencies.

Term limits are needed. The Founding Fathers set up the Constitution to reflect their basic plan of one term and go home, thereby keeping fresh thinking in the House and Senate. Even the Supreme Court should not be a lifetime appointment – nine years and go home.

Don Hicks

Fort Wayne

Lunchtime surprise

On Dec. 12, I had lunch at Biaggi's restaurant. Having finished, I asked the waitress for my bill. She said it had been paid.

What a delightful and very thoughtful treat for me. God bless you and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and safe new year.

Rosie Greiner

Fort Wayne

Hospital suspicions

Does Fort Wayne need a third hospital on the west side and duplication of services when the east-southeast populations seem to be underserved?

Or is it possible someone or group intends to carry out a vendetta?

Ray Doyle

Fort Wayne

Thoughtful shoppers made holiday miracle possible

On Dec. 17, I went to Kroger at Southgate Shopping Center. At some point, my wallet must have fallen out of my purse. I did not realize it until I went to check out. I checked with the office and they did not have it.

So, I spent several frantic hours going through my car then canceling some of my cards.

It was disheartening to lose my gift-buying money as well as the gift certificates I had already purchased. The next day I moped around wondering how I was going to get money out of the bank without any ID and what I would need to get a replacement driver's license. Again I called Kroger to see whether it had been turned in – and it had!

I was beside myself to get my wallet back, but the biggest surprise was that it was intact.

Everything I thought I had lost was returned to me safely by the numerous hands it had passed through.

I love Fort Wayne. Thank you to everyone who gave me the best holiday gift!

Cat Voors

Fort Wayne

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