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Monday, January 06, 2020 1:00 am


Two-faced lawmakers do disservice to schools

The Romans named the first month of the year after Janus, the two-faced god. He looked back over the past year's events and looked forward to upcoming success. The return of the Indiana General Assembly for the short session reminds me of Janus.

Yes, the current budget spends 51% on public education. But that represents only 2.2% of the state gross domestic product, compared to 2.9% spent in 2009. Yes, Indiana added $750 million in the current budget, but our average teacher salaries still range at the bottom of the Midwest. That means we have not kept up, and we are losing a generation of teachers.

My favorite two-faced comparison is when legislators claim they sent enough money to local districts, but the school boards and administrators are somehow hoarding it. Lawmakers took over the funding mechanism in 2009 and manipulate and regulate how it is spent. Yet now they want to blame those folks and even restrict their chances to pass referenda? How truly Janus of them!

Let's try to do better in the new year.

Randy Studt



CHEERS and thank you to the person wearing a red hat and checkered shirt who paid for my groceries while shopping at Kroger's on West State on Dec. 19.

I was wearing my Korean Veteran hat, and he thanked me for my service as well.

I wish him a great new year.

Bud Mendenhall

Fort Wayne


Hall proven right on tax

The Journal Gazette reported on Nov. 15 that Electric Works was requesting money from the county's 1% food and beverage tax. This tax money was originally for the baseball stadium on Coliseum, which has been a parking lot for many years.

Don Hall once said this was not good, as a tax never seems to die. He was in favor of the ballpark (which should be a budget item).

Many people refused to visit his restaurants. He was correct. A tax does not die.

See you at Hall's and admit you were wrong about Don Hall.

G.R. Bickel

Fort Wayne

Only God can save our nation now

My prayer is for God to help us. We are so concerned with what is happening to this world he created.

We can't look for help from Trump, Pelosi, McConnell or Schumer. We need someone of the stature of Billy Graham (wish he were still alive) or one of the leaders of our Christian movement to address our “leaders” and constituents to the harm they are doing. They need to be told “enough already” and “shame on you for what you're doing to our country.” These “leaders” have inflicted such damage to our democracy that it's doubtful our country will ever recover.

God's son is helping pastors get the message across, but it might be too late. We need a message delivered to the House, Senate and all TV channels to rebuke these four people for what they are doing. These people are responsible for no legislation being passed the last three years, only lies.

Please, we are asking for help today.

Maybe it's time for Jesus to deliver the message, as only he can do, to our House and Senate members. They need to be told that they are creating evil that will never go away.

Can't we all get along? Somebody has to step up and expose our “leaders” for what they really are doing to our country.


Fort Wayne 

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