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Tuesday, January 07, 2020 1:00 am


Pence's stealthy campaign hasn't gone unnoticed

I read Gregory Jacobs' Dec. 29 letter concerning Donald Trump's behavior (“Pence's ascension will help nation heal”) and could not agree more. Jacobs pretty much nails every last flaw of Trump's amorality.

Jacobs then wants us to believe that Mike Pence is the next “savior” of our country and attempts to bury in a single paragraph some of the many flaws of Pence. We all know that Pence's goal is to be president. This is a perfect example of coveting another's goods, wouldn't you say? One could take all the flaws the reader says Pence has and line them up in a column next to Trump's bad behavior.

Let's not forget the tax dollars that went “down the drain” on Pence's Statehouse fountain which I still believe doesn't work correctly or the hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to clean the toxic waste from his family's bankrupt gas stations or his 40% approval rating in conservative Indiana. My belief is we have to look much farther than Mike Pence to help in the recovery of our nation.

One could say that while Donald Trump brags about his behavior and his actions on Twitter, Mike Pence slithers under the radar hoping we don't notice.

Thom Bauer

Fort Wayne

Samaritans' assistance appreciated after crash

A special thanks to the two men who helped me after my bicycle crash on Nov. 22 at Union Chapel Road/Parkview Plaza Drive. Getting me to safety is very much appreciated.

Tim Johnston

Fort Wayne 

Nuclear energy industry littered by false promises

The Dec. 22 article by Katie Tubb promoting a new generation of nuclear reactors is disingenuous.

Nuclear energy has been insane from inception. It is more insane when we have cleaner energy available.

The Green New Deal is not a fantasy. A stable, sustainable future without immediate climate action is a fantasy. The only green in nuclear power is money.

It is humorous to hear a nuclear power advocate like Tubb complain about “big-government handouts” for cost-efficient, clean and renewable energy. Government-subsidized nuclear power has not lived up to industry promises. The nuclear fuel cycle is a disaster that is hazardous beyond our comprehension – from mining and processing to waste.

Nuclear power is a prime example of private profit and public liability. We will not know the real cost of nuclear power until we clean up the mess it has created.

Nuclear power is not the solution to our climate crisis for two other important reasons.

The best uranium deposits have already been mined; reactors would run out of fuel in a few decades. More importantly, we will be long past the tipping point for the warming of our planet by the time new nuclear reactors could be built.

There is no perfect energy source, but wind and solar have yet to reach their potential.

There are exciting technological advances like perovskite solar cells and creative harvesting, storing and sharing of renewable energy.

The decisions we make in the coming decade may determine the future of life on Earth.

Tim Tiernon

Fort Wayne for Peace 

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