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Thursday, May 21, 2020 1:00 am


Disgraceful manipulation of COVID-19 statistics

Donald Trump is now claiming success in our fight against COVID-19, claiming that under his leadership we have saved millions of lives. 

Trump doesn't want to talk about the number of deaths on record but wants people to look at fictional and highly exaggerated numbers of millions of lives he supposedly saved. As the number of deaths increases, Trump will increase the number of lives he supposedly saved. How disgusting!

Trump has failed every step in handling this crisis. The Trump administration was told of this virus back in January, even told of the seriousness of this virus and the damage it would cause here. Trump's response? He claimed it was a hoax and pointed his finger at the “fake news media” and somehow or other the Democrats. How disgraceful!

In mid-March Trump claimed he would rate his handling of COVID-19 a 10. It depends. If 1,000 was the highest and one was the lowest, I would say 10 was a fair rating.

Curtis J. Ransom


Faith in God will conquer coronavirus

In response to William Dotterweich feeling “disheartened” regarding people choosing not to wear masks (Letters, May 15), most people are sick and tired of this whole pandemic. It seems people want to play it out to drama, so much that it ruins the economy and the whole of American freedom and way of life.

If a person chooses to live their life in fear and paranoia, that is their choice. Don't judge other people because they have moved on and want to live a normal life.

Where is Dotterweich's faith in God? Stop blame shaming people. It is not your right to do so.

Jacqui Emberton

Fort Wayne

Dishonesty in office can't be tolerated

President Trump recently surpassed 18,000 lies since taking office, according to one tally. Perhaps such dishonesty and associated actions constitute the new norm for elected officials.

Recently I read about two of our highest elected law enforcement officials in Indiana. Their behavior certainly demonstrates that we in Fort Wayne are not immune from failures to hold the public trust in high esteem.

Allen County Sheriff David Gladieux evidently thinks it is OK to attend public events (Three Rivers Festival) after consuming a judgment-impairing amount of alcohol then confront and cause injury to a teen volunteer trying to do his job. Gladieux has been found guilty of battery and sentenced. After public pressure, Gladieux made a public apology. However, it is evidently beneath him to offer an apology to the young man he assaulted.

Now we find the taxpayers will pay to defend him in the lawsuit filed by the young man and his family. The taxpayer financial exposure could well exceed the $300,000 being sought by the plaintiff.

State Attorney General Curtis Hill has had his law license suspended for 30 days. His behavior in allegedly groping several women was by his own admission after he had had too much to drink. He, like Gladieux, has refused to offer the victims an apology.

These officials were elected after convincing the voters they were worthy of their trust. These people are supposed to be acting in our best interests – but none are.

It is time we made our voices heard. Gladieux and Hill should resign; and the voters must remove Trump. These people have stained the offices to which they were elected. Think about it, then take action. I have, and I will.

Alan Candioto

Fort Wayne


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