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Wednesday, June 17, 2020 1:00 am


Our 'new normal' stems from lack of respect

Looking at the lives of people I knew, we were all raised the same. Respect others. Respect laws. Know when something is wrong; don't do it. If you did there were harsh consequences. 

Thinking about today and hearing the term “ social injustice,” I am confused. Because a person was not middle class they couldn't be taught manners, respect and a good work ethic? This has always bothered me.

If you look back in our history, it was there – everywhere. So when did it start changing? When did it become acceptable to let kids run the streets and become thieves, drug dealers and murderers?

People are angry about George Floyd's death. They should be. It was wrong. But what got him there to begin with? I'm hearing gentle giant. Sweet man. Good brother. What I read from his court records, drug abuse, criminal trespass and aggravated robbery as well as entering a woman's home and putting a gun to her pregnant stomach so he could search for drugs.

Again, his death was wrong. But what got him there is the other side of this story needing repaired. Until it gets fixed, there will be more George Floyds. More dead cops. More dead innocent children. Another Ferguson, Missouri. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Oakland and LA, California. And who pays for this? Not the looters and band of thieves; the people who learned respect and a good work ethic from their elders.

This is your new normal, folks. Lap it up, America. It won't really change.

Christopher Snider

Fort Wayne

Fighting abusive officers as old as Declaration

The difficulty of holding police accountable for abuse is as old as our republic.

The problem is one reason for the American Revolution listed in the Declaration of Independence: “For protecting them [British soldiers], by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States.”

Cephas Williamson

Fort Wayne

Coldiron will focus on district, not career

With the primary results in and Chip Coldiron the Democrats' nominee for the House in Indiana's 3rd Congressional District, we have a high-quality and service-minded replacement for our current representative, Jim Banks.

I've noticed in the past year how my congressman has deserted his responsibilities in exchange for career advancement and is now a full-time excuser for President Trump's most reckless decisions. His guest appearances on Fox are plenty, while his public town halls are nowhere to be found. It is essential that Banks be replaced.

Coldiron brings skills and experience needed to return representation to our district. A former health care worker, veteran and current high school teacher, his broad expertise in the real world will help to solve problems in D.C. While running as a Democrat, Chip has stated an interest in representing all Americans and a willingness to tackle difficult issues, not sidestep them or disbelieve they even exist. His constituency will be the whole district, not a single party or a single person as the case is now.

Though the election is about five months away, it's exciting to think we could put someone in Congress from northeast Indiana who is not interested in blaming others or finding his next gig, but in working together and solving problems. I hope all voters, whether Democrat, Independent or Lincoln Republican, will take the time to get to know candidate Coldiron.

John Bodner


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