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Saturday, June 20, 2020 1:00 am


What we need now is divine intervention

Our coronavirus is bad enough in itself. But now it has been aggravated by the criminal violence of protesters in Fort Wayne and around the country.

Help us, Lord! Apparently, we are not willing or able to help ourselves!

John Ribar

Fort Wayne

Coalition for change essential first step

We are angry about continued stories of police brutality against African Americans. We are heartbroken that inequality remains alive.

We call for change. Protests will continue. The people's voices will not be silenced. This is the time for action.

Steps that can facilitate change:

1) A full, unbiased review of all law enforcement training materials and processes that address dealing with the public, done in partnership with a coalition of African American community leaders.

2) This coalition of African American leaders must be able to approve of all procedures that address how law enforcement interacts with the public.

3) Sensitivity training must be revamped and redone for every law enforcement officer. This training must be rewritten in partnership with the coalition leaders.

4) All hiring and screening processes must be reviewed by this coalition. “Bad people” must be weeded out in the hiring process.

5) In the near term, the coalition must meet monthly with local law enforcement to review all altercations between officers and the African American community.

6) Local law enforcement must develop community connection programs in conjunction with the coalition t to strengthen relationships, tear down walls and open dialogue. Regular review of the effectiveness of such programs must be conducted in partnership with the coalition.

7) Reports – good and bad – of progress must be reported to the community on a regular basis.

This is just a start. We cannot tolerate mere words now. We require action and involvement. We call on Mayor Tom Henry, Chief of Police Steve Reed and State Police Superintendent Douglas G. Carter to act on the behalf of all of our citizens.

Jim Johnson

Fort Wayne

'Study' offers little comfort on virus

A story in the Indianapolis Star suggested the COVID-19 transmission rate in Indiana is actually 0.58%. They do not say the study is a scientific study. They do not give any margin of error. And they do not explain how they balanced their test group to the population. These are some big holes I guess we are supposed to overlook.

Should we open completely up, and I suspect that's what this study was designed to encourage us to do, and the virus infected the entire Hoosier population, by their numbers we would end up with 54,579 deaths. That's more than the flu in its worst of years kills in the entire nation. If I apply this to the U.S. population of about 330 million, we would have 1.914 million deaths nationwide.

So if the study, conducted by the IUPUI Fairbanks School of Public Health, was meant to give us all some sense of safety to get out and go about our usual business I would have to say, scratching below the surface of this purported study does anything but give us comfort.

David Williams


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