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Monday, June 29, 2020 1:00 am


Masks reflect caring

Deep in every article I've read recently about COVID-19 is a reminder that the CDC is recommending continued social distancing and wearing of masks in public areas. I am surprised and disappointed that almost all the photos published in The Journal Gazette show people out and about without face masks and no social distancing.

My wearing a mask protects all with whom I come in contact because no one knows whether they may be an asymptomatic or presymptomatic carrier. Please take pictures of those who are doing the right thing and reinforce the recommendations of the CDC.

I would love to see a community service program picked up by the area hospitals and businesses to make wearing a mask a badge of honor. I wear one to show that I care about the people in my community.

Show you care for the children, grandparents and people with medical challenges. Wear a mask!

Dee Koehl

Fort Wayne

Safe society demands we all work together

These have been distressing times. First, it was the pandemic with all its uncertainty and upheaval. Then we viewed the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. As more protests took place, we began to see “peaceful” replaced with “rioting, violence and destruction.” How we knew and loved America became completely different.

Yes, there are injustices in our world, country and city; and, yes, something must be done to right the wrongs. But doing more wrongs will not bring back George Floyd or make our society better for everyone.

We must stop referring to all police as “bad” people. There are good cops; there are those who love their jobs and daily risk their own lives for others.

I taught school for many years surrounded by excellent teachers who worked hard to make sure that every child learned and achieved. But there were “bad” teachers, too. They never killed anyone, but they did not teach to their students' needs and abilities, thereby wasting a valuable year of that child's life.

You can look at any profession and see “bad” doctors, lawyers, athletes, CEOs, baby sitters, health care workers, etc. But the good ones by far outnumber the bad.

So it is with our police. We must work together to find a fair procedure to rid departments of those who are bad. We cannot have a safe society without an effective, caring, respected police department.

Communities must work together. They must talk, rather than riot and destroy. People need to be valued for who they are and how they act rather than by the color of their skin.

We are all Americans. Let's work together to make America strong, just and committed to making life better for all, no matter your color, occupation or beliefs.

Bev Renbarger

Fort Wayne

Stunning generosity

It was a speechless moment.

While shopping at Walmart on Lima Road on June 9, a gentleman approached me, saying he wanted to pay for my groceries while handing me $40.

I asked him whether it was real money (as I couldn't believe my eyes). It was. I refused and tried giving it back, which he would not accept.

What a generous gesture.

Thank you again, Joe. May God bless you.

Helen Waters

Fort Wayne

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