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Saturday, August 01, 2020 1:00 am


City visitor will leave with strong impression

I recently had a rather lengthy conversation with a very pleasant chap by the name of Rafael, a supervisor with Murphy Pipeline Contractors, the company replacing the water mains in many parts of the city, including my neighborhood.

Among other things, Rafael talked about his many years of experience working all over the world with his company, and he spoke highly of Fort Wayne, commenting on its cleanliness, the apparent many positive efforts that city officials have made in making our community a more agreeable place to live and the cooperation of the city in working with his company.

Overall, he said he was very impressed with our city, and that he has found it to be one of the nicest cities in his experience.

Rafael's comments suggest we are on the right track here and we would do well to keep them in mind when we start to feel cynical about our community and our civic leaders.

Galen A. Yordy

Fort Wayne

Constitution unprotected during Trump's tenure

In a letter printed July 22, Byron Thompson stated that he would vote for Donald Trump again on the basis that, as president, Trump has fulfilled his obligation to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Thompson has either not been paying attention to Trump's actions and policies, or he did not pay attention in his high school history and government classes.

It's time to wake up!

Lowell Shearer

Fort Wayne

Mixed economy best to help people thrive

It is important to remember the United States has a mixed economy. There are parts that are capitalist and parts that are socialist. When we talk about Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, these are socialist ideas. The simple idea of regulating business to create a level playing field is a socialistic concept. We are an economic hybrid.

We should consider business as the goose that laid the golden egg. All revenue has emerged from business activities, and all other institutions feed off the money created by it – but we have to be careful. Both extremes are equally bad; this is why we have settled on a mixed economy.

It does amaze me there are those who unsheathe the word “socialism” as if it were some great evil. It is a knee-jerk reaction designed to create fear. Yet, at the same moment our economy collapses, our political leaders grab for the Keynesian playbook. Those stimulus checks we received were brought to us by socialism.

A mixed economy allows for a safety net within society, and it allows for the marketplace to meet our needs.

If all the structural and policy changes Bernie Sanders wanted to make had actually come to pass, what America would look like would not be something foreboding and dark. What we would look like would be Europe. They are like us. They have a mixed economy. The difference is only a few clicks on the dial.

We need to be watchful of those who demonize socialism. It is neither good nor bad. It is little more than part of the overall operational system of our economy and our government.

The reality is that socialism and capitalism are actually a good match. The system they represent together is a better fix for all of us.

Rodney Scott

Fort Wayne

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