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Friday, September 11, 2020 1:00 am


More choices than two

When you vote this fall, however you do it, you may be surprised to see more options than just Democrats or Republicans. You'd be surprised because the local media seem to not realize there are more choices.

Donald Rainwater is running an active campaign for governor as a Libertarian, yet there was no mention of that fact in a recent Political Notebook article about the race. I've noticed that for many races mentioned this year. Why is that?

Please do your research before voting; you might find an option that isn't the lesser of two evils on your ballot.

Kristi Avery

Fort Wayne

GOP policies counter to Catholic teaching

I recently received a survey from three of our Republican representatives, asking Catholics to support Republican policies.

I was surprised they did not know that Catholics are of a Christian faith binding us to love the almighty above all and to love our neighbors as ourselves and even our enemies.

It is obvious Republicans don't support those requirements because they appeal to neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacists, racists and possibly some religious fanatics who believe they are to play God instead of obeying God.

What is obvious is that they and their self-serving base are fueled by hatred, fear, anger, greed, lies and bullying. You might recall how overjoyed they were when they passed a law giving millions to their wealthy benefactors and corporate America to prove they serve them as their masters on earth.

To prove they were good, loyal Republicans, they gave the working poor, the people in poverty, and our seniors and others with needs not one, single penny. Even now, they continue to try to take away health care from millions of Americans, which will cause many to suffer pain and die. They must feel freeing up more money for themselves and their masters makes it worth it.

If any of you reading this know any Republican politician, please ask them to remove my name from their mailing list. There is no way I would risk spending an eternity in damnation for being linked to their heartless politicians and their inhumane policies.

Hugh A. Gerard

Fort Wayne

Meaningless 'boycott' ignores real issue

While LeBron James and his pals are dribbling their balls for millions of dollars, our courageous law enforcement officers are putting their lives on the line for us every day of the week for a small fraction of the pay professional athletes receive. So, when the NBAers decide to “boycott” their own games to protest the fact that all law enforcement officers are not perfect human beings, all I can do is laugh at the sheer pretentiousness and self-righteousness of such “boycotts.”

Maybe the NBA could actually do something worthwhile, like make and promote public service announcements advising law-breakers not to endanger themselves and our law enforcement officers by resisting arrest.

If you don't like the laws the police are charged with enforcing, then you need to talk to the people who make the laws, not attack the police.

Pat Christle

New Haven

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