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Saturday, September 12, 2020 1:00 am


Voters shouldn't have to put others at risk

I'd like to add my voice to those calling for no-excuse absentee voting in Indiana for the presidential election in November. With the course of COVID-19 in our state uncertain at this time, no-excuse absentee voting seems like a sensible “insurance policy” in case the COVID-19 situation doesn't improve significantly.

Although I've always voted in person in the past, I took advantage of no-excuse absentee voting in the primary because of family members with respiratory issues. I'd very much like to exercise my right to vote in November without putting my family members at risk.

I ask the Indiana Election Commission to reconsider its decision against no-excuse absentee voting for the presidential election. I'm sure I'm not the only person in Indiana who wants to protect my family while exercising my right to vote.

Mike Sims

Fort Wayne

Libraries multifaceted educational aid

Children need access to books and to libraries.

As schools reopen, we want to remind parents and residents that school and public libraries are community resources with more than physical books and digital resources. Friendly librarians are ready to assist you.

Whether in-person, hybrid, remote learning or homeschooling, children need time to read stories for pleasure. Reading literacy is fundamental to success in school, work and life. Books build empathy by giving children a mirror to see themselves and a window into the lives of others. Be assured that physical books and learning materials are safely circulated through time quarantines and/or disinfecting processes at school and public libraries.

Many school and public libraries offer hold-and-pickup or curbside service, and many have resumed full library services.

All Hoosiers have free access to digital resources through INSPIRE, Indiana's virtual library, at, with special access to Most school libraries and public libraries offer a range of e-books, audiobooks and librarians to teach you how to use on your personal or school-provided device.

Don't have internet? Visit your local public library branch, where Wi-Fi is likely available even in the parking lot.

Need a tutorial? Librarians are available in person, online and by telephone.

September is Library Card Sign-up Month. A library card provides access to millions of print and digital resources. Check with your child's school. Or view a map to find the public library branch nearest you at

Leslie Sutherlin

President, Indiana Library Federation 

Riots are putting democracy at risk

With all of the destruction going on in most of our largest cities and some of our smaller cities, including fires, deaths and a complete teardown of businesses, mayors, most Democrats, have resisted our president's offer to send in help to quell all of the riots and restore law and order to our cities.

We need our president to make a speech to the nation on all of the TV stations, explaining his offer to provide help immediately.

We have real concern about this matter and the future of our democracy.


Fort Wayne

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