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Tuesday, September 15, 2020 1:00 am


A vote for Biden is a vote against life

I would like to urge voters to vote pro-life, especially for president.

Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic but goes against church teaching by supporting abortion. He chose a radically pro-abortion running mate in Kamala Harris. Both want to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which keeps federal funding from paying for abortions.

We cannot hope to end racism as long as abortion is legal. About a third of abortions in the U.S. are on Black babies. We cannot hope to stop violence in cities unless we respect all innocent life.

We cannot hope to end mass shootings if we cannot respect the most innocent of life. We cannot hope to end child abuse; abortion is the ultimate child abuse. If life cannot be respected in the womb, how can it be respected elsewhere?

I know who I'm voting for in November. I hope other people will vote pro-life as well.

Josh Hoy

Fort Wayne

Benefit to multitudes

People are always misunderstanding the word “socialism,” confusing it with “communism.” No socialism? No Social Security, libraries, welfare, unemployment, state and national parks ... the list goes on. Anything that benefits the multitudes is socialism.

Capitalism and socialism must work together. Either one on its own does not work. Wrap your mind around it, people, and stop complaining incorrectly about that word.

Jane Vorndran

Fort Wayne

Pandemic lays bare society's weak spots

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the incompetence of Donald Trump, displayed his uncanny ability to mislead and deceive the American public, and provided a glimpse of our treacherous political economy.

Oblivious to the threat posed by the virus, Trump failed to assess our readiness to combat it. He failed to establish a credible authority to inform and guide the public. With little or no personal knowledge of virology, he sidelined the scientific community and presumed to control the narrative: China was to blame; personal protective equipment supplies were adequate despite the fact that caregivers reported otherwise; appropriate testing was occurring though experts deemed it inadequate; quack remedies were promoted; early opening of the economy was pushed in spite of increased infection.

All of this done while stubbornly refusing to wear a face mask.

The lockdown revealed the multitude of Americans working at low-wage/minimum-wage jobs with limited or no benefits. Their monthly expenses are met by juggling creditors and credit card debt. With little or no savings and out of work, many gather in long lines to receive food relief. School meal programs for children of low-income families have been adapted to accommodate meal pickup, once again navigating through long lines.

Certain populations were identified as more susceptible to the virus as result of preexisting conditions attributable to the unaffordability of preventive health care and/or lack of funds for medication. It's arguably to their benefit to be classified as “essential workers” and be allowed to return to work, but it is beyond irony that we balk at a substantial increase in the minimum wage, hamper their efforts to unionize to bargain in their behalf, and regard universal health care as socialism rather than a right.

Chester Baran

Fort Wayne

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