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Saturday, December 19, 2020 1:00 am


Banks signs off on democracy subversion

Welcome to the politics of the 1830s (look it up)!

Our congressman, Jim Banks, chose to support the Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn votes from the election in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Banks chose to begin the erosion of our democracy. Banks chose to destroy the sanctity of our right to vote. Banks chose political party over country. Banks chose to end the dignity of our system of self-government.

Banks cynically assumes that by 2022 we will have forgotten.

Don Sexton

Columbia City

Pay-it-forward holiday gains quick momentum

Recently, I group texted my eight grandchildren about Christmas.

I told them I was in a dilemma about what to do about their gifts. They all agreed there is really nothing any of us needs. I asked them to think about an alternative plan.

I told them that every night on the news I have heard stories about families having to decide whether to pay bills or feed their children. With that in mind, my offer was that I would give each of them what I would have spent on them. They were to think of someone less fortunate and make a plan to spend that money.

Within minutes, I had responses filled with excitement.

“This is a great idea!” “I already know what I'm going to do.”

So those wonderful children have donated to the Community Harvest Food Bank, bought sleeping bags for the homeless, given to Toys for Tots – the list goes on and on. Much of it was done on Giving Tuesday, so their donations were doubled.

As the kids told others what they were doing, their enthusiasm for giving spread. So instead of two sleeping bags for homeless, they have bought 20 – plus, dozens of pairs of socks. The true spirit of Christmas!

When my friends brag about their grandkids (as we all do), I know mine are the best.

Kathleen Kearns

Fort Wayne

GOP head disingenuous in vaccine stance

In Sherry Slater's story on the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine (“Should vaccine be mandated?,” Dec. 6), Allen County Republican Party Chair Steve Shine demonstrated his party's hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty when he opined, “I don't know that any politician should mandate what a health care provider should do.”

In fact, Republican politicians indisputably mandate what health care providers may do in regard to family planning and abortion care. In Indiana, for example, health care providers must conduct fetal ultrasounds and “must enable” patients to view the ultrasound image and listen to the fetal heart tone before providing an abortion. These procedures serve no medical purpose, yet Republican politicians have mandated that health care providers perform them.

Shine, a lawyer, also admitted he “didn't have time” to study the issue of whether employers may legally require employees to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.

One wonders why his opinion was included at all in this otherwise well-reported and well-sourced article about an issue of great public health importance.

Faith Van Gilder


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