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Monday, January 11, 2021 1:00 am


No fraud is acceptable

There have been many articles published and newscasts that rant about “No evidence of widespread voter fraud” in reference to the recent presidential election. These people are really saying there was “some” voter fraud, it just was not “widespread.”

I don't care who you voted for, but I do have some questions for everyone.

How much voter fraud is acceptable to you? 1%, 2%, 5%?

At what level of fraud does it become “widespread”?

I believe our elections should have no fraud.

Dave Manck

Fort Wayne

A fond remembrance of treasured waitress

Recently, we lost a woman who was a great waitress at Azar's in Waynedale for the past 40 years, Rose Bridge.

Look out, heaven, here comes an educated, well-dressed lady wearing a red, white and black apron. She can wait on your tables with a smile, friendliness and integrity. She can even memorize your order in detail before she writes the serving ticket.

So make room for a good and gracious waitress, the type of woman who volunteers her life for her customers, her friends.

For 35-plus years I was a breakfast customer and sometimes daily visitor. I saw Rose work with fellow waitresses with excellent character. I had a chance to see her in operation on a weekly basis. She was a strong team leader.

To be a successful waitress is to be an excellent self-motivator. The more that is expected, the better the performance. Rose's self-discipline determined what she had to do, doing it when it had to be done, as well as she could and doing it that way all the time. This is how she prepared herself in serving her customers.

Rose had accepted the challenge of preparing new potential waitresses. She was a prime example of the importance of conditioning mind, soul and body throughout the work day. Her positive mental attitude was contagious.

Rose's most outstanding personal qualities were her honesty, cooperativeness and good humor. Her desire to sacrifice and improve was a big plus for her. Her willingness to give the extra time and effort was from the heart. She made everyone who knew her feel better about life in general.

Rose was a significant positive figure at the Azar's Family Restaurant, and she earned my deepest respect and loyalty. Rose, keep up the good work in heaven.

Jim Lambert

Fort Wayne

Slow drivers bigger threat

While I understand the frustration of David Nichols (Letters, Dec. 22), he needs to realize very few people drive the actual speed limit. That's why he is tailgated by frustrated drivers.

The fact that he was tailgated and feeling threatened four times in one morning is a red flag for him. He may not have somewhere to go at a certain time, but most people are on a time frame. As a matter of fact, his poky driving habits are likely to cause more accidents, prompting tailgating and frustration with other drivers.

Nichols has a good point that driving 20 mph over the speed limit is excessive and dangerous.

On the other hand, interstate drivers are way more likely to cause accidents going way under the speed limit. That is a traffic violation. And I can see why because I have encountered many of these scary people on the interstate.

Maybe Nichols should take a trip to Chicago to see how life really is outside of the small box in Fort Wayne.

Jacqui Emberton

Fort Wayne

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