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Tuesday, January 12, 2021 1:00 am

Letters to the editor: Insurrection

Sycophants bring shame

All the Republicans who are devoted to “Trumpism,” including Rep. Jim Banks and Sen. Mike Braun, are all an embarrassment to the United States. I can only hope they are all recalled.

People can now see what their support and encouragement of an egomaniac has done. They have seen and heard the actions of this person for four years, and they have pandered to be patted on the head by him. They have encouraged dishonorable and unethical behavior so they could win elections.

You do not have pride in this country when you bow to this behavior.

They are all sycophants looking out for their good, not this country's. What a joke that five years ago, Trump vowed to “drain the swamp,” only to create an exponentially huge quagmire, including self-righteous congressmen. They should all be ashamed for bringing the United States to this place.

Sylvia Gross

Fort Wayne

Complicit in incitement

I suppose we should be grateful that Rep. Jim Banks decided to tweet of the recent insurrection in Washington, D.C.: “Peaceful protest is healthy, but what is happening at the U.S. Capitol right now is unacceptable and un-American. Those participating in lawlessness and violence must be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Problem is, Banks bears significant responsibility for the violent actions of that out-of-control mob. Throughout his time in Congress, Banks has served as one of the chief apologists and mouthpieces for the president who incited the insurrection. 

Even after the shocking levels of violence and destruction in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, Banks continued to embrace the president's lies about a stolen election, voting late at night against Arizona's and Pennsylvania's Electoral College support of the winners of the election, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Even at that late date, Banks supported and encouraged the destructive untruths mouthed by the current president, who does not have the integrity to admit that the American people chose Biden and Harris over Pence and him by more than 7 million votes.

Please, please, join me in letting Banks know that his actions are distressing and appalling. Over and over again, he has excused, dismissed and even encouraged the host of lies told by Trump. Banks must take responsibility for his role in the divisiveness and violence of our day.

May God strengthen and empower all who would work for healing, justice and peace in these troubling days.

Joel Kline

Fort Wayne

Banks must step down

I respectfully ask Jim Banks to resign.

He has chosen to stand with a fairly defeated president of questionable character, which has left this district without fair representation. Will he please show us what supporting evidence he has that 60 courts that ruled against this man did not have? Who is the “they” he speaks of with Georgia's secretary of state? If he cannot, he has explaining to do to his constituents because we deserve the truth.

Banks' resignation would be a step toward moving this country forward.

Joyce Bentz


Sedition, treason charges

I am very disturbed by the representatives and senators who signed a letter to overturn the election so Donald Trump can remain president. In their desire not to offend his backers, they have violated the Constitution.

All who signed that letter should have been recalled by their states and forced to resign. They committed an act of sedition and treason and should be charged with those crimes.

Since the Republican Party has become the Trump Party (and most are afraid of losing their jobs if they do not follow like puppets), what used to be a party that was conservative and worked, for the most part, for us is no longer valid. Both of our senators and our district representative should be recalled and be replaced.

We did not send them to Washington to be stooges for Trump but to do what is needed and correct for all Americans, especially us Hoosiers.

How many times does it take to understand that this past election was not stolen? Case after case, courts after courts have thrown out all the challenges. Even the Supreme Court would not listen to the false information submitted.

Attempting to overthrow an election violates their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. This is punishable by removal from office, prison and fines.

Jim Furos

Fort Wayne

We have to trust the refs

I was watching a football game the other day, and the two teams were locked in a close battle. As time was running out, one team managed to score the winning touchdown.

But wait. The other team challenged the referee's ruling of a touchdown. They asked for a review. The refs recounted the play on the review screen. After carefully recounting the play, they certified the touchdown. Game over.

The losing team didn't scream that the refs were crooked. They didn't claim the winning team cheated. They didn't claim they had really “won” but the game was rigged. They didn't drag the results of the game through the mud and organize chanting protesters to scream “stop the steal.” They didn't bring in lawyers and senators and representatives to argue against the loss. They acted like mature adults, no matter how badly the loss hurt. They acted with honor and integrity.

I just wish our politicians could do the same.

Gary Bartle


Look in the mirror

President Trump is right: Someone is trying to steal the election. They are called Republicans.

Scott D. Rumage

Fort Wayne

Lessons Banks must learn

Two points to ponder as we put 2020 in the rear-view mirror.

First: Jim Banks has betrayed his oath he took twice to defend the Constitution of the United States twice: once when he joined the military and next when he was sworn into Congress.

Banks signed onto the Texas lawsuit to overturn a fair election and joined the other Trump lackeys who tried to stage a coup. Will someone please primary this man who only cares about saving his job and gives not a whit about what being an American congressman means?

Second: Banks visited Community Harvest food bank for a photo op. If Banks really cared, he should put on his snowsuit and volunteer with the Saturday Morning Helping Hands and load the cars of people who need food help. It's only 21/2 hours on a Saturday morning. Surely he can give up 21/2 hours for the people he claims to represent.

Maybe he would understand that those who are hungry are not slackers, they are hard-working Americans who because of the virus are in a bad spot. I bet Banks' family did not eat cereal for their Christmas meal like so many would have had to if not for the goodness of strangers donating food to those who are struggling right now.

Banks should show some empathy for his fellow human beings and quit worrying about what mask a fellow lawmaker wears. Pathetic.

D.R. Murphy

Fort Wayne

Forfeit personal agendas

As an American citizen, I was amazed to open the morning paper and see a picture of a freshman representative of Congress wearing a face mask saying “Trump won.” We are supposed to be a democracy in which we, as citizens, cast our votes to elect a president every four years. After the votes were tallied in November, Donald Trump did not win. As a member of Congress, your new leader will be President Joseph Biden.

As elected congressmen/congresswomen, your job is to work for the United States of America and all the people of this country. You no longer have the right to pursue you own agenda. You are working for each and every citizen of this country. You cannot work for your own personal gains of rewarding the rich, promoting special interest groups, showing biases toward any race, or pursuing your interests or beliefs.

I do not know of any job where you can blatantly show your dislike for your country, your leader and the people you were elected to represent. You were sent to Washington, D.C., to do a job. You are very well compensated (through the laws you pass) by every citizen of the United States of America.

If your intention in running was to make a difference, the changes you make have to be for the good of all the people. We are a nation of the people and for the people.

Our country was founded on being inclusive of everyone who wants to be able to enjoy all the freedoms awarded us through our Constitution by following the laws and guidelines set down in this document.

Roberta Doust

Fort Wayne

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