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Wednesday, January 13, 2021 1:00 am


Dinnertime kindness

My friend Sharon, who is like a daughter to me, and I were at Cebolla's on West Jefferson Boulevard Dec. 14, enjoying conversation and dinner.

A gentleman with a big smile walked over to our booth as he was leaving and asked, “Are you mother and daughter?” then informed us he had paid for our dinner.

Thank you, Bob, for your kindness and many blessings to you in the new year.

B.L. Friedrich

Fort Wayne

'Unique opportunity' of this new year

We have a unique opportunity. Given a fresh year, a new administration and a vaccine of great promise, we have the very real possibility of a period of renewal, rebuilding and healing.

In the early days of the Great Depression, a young foreign service officer, George F. Kennan, lamented in his diary the plight of this country as he saw it. He said we are a people who “in all its ignorance and all its sordidness, are a society conceived in selfishness and dedicated to the proposition that one man's suffering is no other man's business, incapable of regulating its own public life.”

Though this was penned some 80 years ago, it might have been written yesterday. My contention is we are better than this, and we have been given a fresh slate upon which to write a new evaluation of who we really are.

It is time to set aside blame. Living in blame only accomplishes the further separation of our society. Americans, each of us, must give ourselves and our resources day by day and piece by piece to set inequities right.

Perhaps Stephen Grellet said it best: “I shall pass this way but once; therefore, any good that I can do ... any kindness that I can show, let me do it now, for I shall not pass again this way nor live again this day.”

The year 2021 offers us a new day, a clean slate. Let us make it a day marked by setting aside blame and seeking out and embracing the work before us as one. 

Abraham Lincoln, in his second inaugural address, called on Americans to act as their “better angels.” This year offers us such an opportunity. Together, taking mutual responsibility, sharing the load and keeping our focus on problem solving rather than blame, we, the people, can do this.

William Deans

Fort Wayne

Troubling procession

There was a picture on the front page of The Journal Gazette on Dec. 21, 2020; it was of a rosary procession. That is fine, but with cases of COVID-19 rising every day in Fort Wayne and Allen County, why would they march without masks and no social distancing. Do they think they are immune because of the rosary?

Ron Blue

Fort Wayne

Embarrassing errors

The pie chart on the front page of the Dec. 27 edition has two glaring errors. First, the label is about spending but the chart is about revenue. The second is that a pie chart should add up to 100%, but this one adds up to 110%.

Errors like this damage the credibility of the article. If this chart came from the cited source with headings and all, someone at The Journal Gazette should have caught it and fixed it or omitted it. If the JG made the chart, shame on you.

Don Glick


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