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Thursday, January 14, 2021 1:00 am


Proof of aliens

I haven't seen any credible reports of extraterrestrial beings landing on Earth in 2020. This proves once and for all there is intelligent life on other planets.

Ed Coy


Tend to tattered flags

As a veteran, I have a special affinity for our American flag. While traveling around town, a flag gets my attention.

Nobody intentionally neglects their flag, but sometimes we don't notice they've gotten worn and tattered.

Next time you arrive, take a quick inspection of your flag. Please take down and replace those that need it. Your fellow Americans will be grateful.

Thank you, and God bless the USA.

Scott Vinson

Fort Wayne

All rights concern NRA

If you are concerned about the preservation of our Constitution and the continuation of the freedom and liberties that cherished document affords you as an American citizen, I urge you to join the National Rifle Association. Even if you don't own a gun, have no interest in guns and will never own a gun, I still urge you to join this organization.

I joined the NRA several years ago for the reason stated above and can tell you there is no entity or organization in the country that is more dedicated to protecting and preserving our constitutional rights than the NRA.

Naturally, the focus of the NRA is on the Second Amendment. However, the depth and breadth of those actions taken by the NRA easily expand to encompass and affect many facets related to our other constitutional rights and liberties.

Pay no mind to the national media's portrayal of what members of the NRA are, do or say. Those generalizations are hogwash. The 5 million (and growing) members of the NRA are truly a diverse group that includes many different demographic spectrums.

Join the NRA and you, too, will quickly discover the steadfast and unwavering commitment this outstanding organization has for the preservation of our Constitution and the liberties it grants to all American citizens.

Warren Mead


Editorial sides with teachers over students

It was sad to read Dec. 30's continuation of the long-standing editorial bias of The Journal Gazette editorial board against the Indiana voucher program (“Sleight of hand”).

The parroting of the talking points provided by the teachers' union is, to say the least, tiresome.

Never mind that the JG vendetta smacks of anti-religious bias. Never mind that the majority of private schools vastly outperform public schools academically.

The bias against private schools, and parents' right to choose their children's path, is simply a reflection of the teachers' union stance against private schools. The union wants a public school monopoly.

Keep in mind that it's the teachers' union, not the students' union. It's the teachers the JG is championing, not the students.

William Dotterweich

Fort Wayne

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