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Wednesday, January 20, 2021 1:00 am


Translating words into meaningful actions

Ahmed Abdelmageed's words (“Complacency is equivalent to complicity,” Jan. 13) were powerful and true.

For years, many of us have sat in our living rooms or at our kitchen tables, condemning our country's path and those who have led us here. The prejudices and discrimination, blatant and subtle, are ugly. Of course, we don't condone it.

Being shocked and disgusted hasn't been enough, as we now know. Those who believe in decency, in equality and that we must not judge by the color of one's skin but by the content of one's heart must speak up – not only in our living rooms, but in our communities.

I sure don't want to be complacent and, above all, I sure don't want to be complicit.

Ann Fraze

Fort Wayne

Smaller Philharmonic an opportunity lost

The quality of our orchestra didn't happen overnight. It has taken years of contributions and dedication by donors, subscribers and musicians to achieve an orchestra for which the community can be proud.

I am asking The Phil to take a hard look at what might be lost if they choose to continue their current path.

Fort Wayne has a long history of supporting the arts. I never shy from boasting how fortunate the city is to have a community that appreciates and cares about the artists and musicians who contribute to making this area vibrant.

News that The Phil has ceased to bargain fairly with musicians is disturbing; these actions do not mesh with their vision statement.

The musicians played the 2019-20 season without a contract and cost-of-living raise, showing their dedication to the orchestra and the community. They offered a reduction in salary. It would appear The Phil's goal is to create a new, non-union, much smaller orchestra. Dollars would be saved in salaries and benefits, but has consideration been given to the opportunity cost of this action?

Have you calculated the opportunity cost of losing season subscribers? And what about the opportunity cost of losing concert event sponsors? It is a matter of pride for them to attach their name to an event or advertisement. They may take another look at their charitable funds if the orchestra becomes a shadow of its former self.

If you continue down this path, you will not fulfill your vision, or the vision and hard work of those donors who came before you. Do the right thing while The Phil does have a healthy balance sheet (Guidestar Form 990 Fund balance for 2018 was $23 million). Show our talented musicians you care about them and the community by negotiating a contract that does not reduce the size of the orchestra.

Linda J. Kirby

Fort Wayne

Editorial imbalance

I heartily agree with Franz Morsches' assessment of Adam Schiff as a political hack (Letters, Jan. 10), and that The Journal Gazette has slipped a long way from local values.

As stated in his letter, the JG could reflect some Midwestern values rather than printing verbatim the biased Washington Post.

Columnists such as Charles Krauthammer appeared in the News-Sentinel while The Journal Gazette carried its editorial page. There was a little balance with the News-Sentinel page, but no more.

The local news and obituaries are not enough to turn a blind eye to the rest.

Now that the paper is down to 20 pages, it takes a week's issues to start the fireplace.

Ned Foust

Fort Wayne

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