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Thursday, January 21, 2021 1:00 am


Adams sewer system not to everyone's benefit

My concern is about the Decatur sewer system being installed in Adams County.

People will be charged $93.60 a month, subject to penalties. We already have a working septic system that is now considered illegal. Yet some people in Adams County will continue to use their illegal systems and never be connected.

Why not charge just the people who are building new houses? We've already paid for our sewer system. Some people will now have to choose between buying medicine or paying a sewer bill.

Mark Braun


Unity against thuggery

On Wednesday, we inaugurated a new president. As a political conservative, I condemn those idiots and thugs who attacked our Capitol. To my liberal friends, if those thugs come after me, I want you all by my side. If they come after you, I have your backs. We are Americans first and not Republicans or Democrats. 

Keith Byers

Fort Wayne

Flawless vaccine process

I had my COVID-19 vaccine shot on Jan. 10. Whoever was in charge of setting up the Parkview Mirro Center to handle the crowds that would be coming is to be commended. It went like clockwork from the time I entered the building.

They had very courteous people assisting you throughout the process. While waiting my 15 minutes after my shot, I had people checking on me to make sure I was OK. At the same time they came around and set up my next appointment. The whole experience was professionally and courteously done. Hats off to the entire crew for a very pleasant experience.

Tom Loy

Fort Wayne

Distinguishing between opinions and news

In response to the Jan. 10 letter, “Paper fails to reflect its readers' values,” I suggest the writer is somewhat confused about what constitutes news.

He says: “Please just report the news as fairly as you can ...” The writer apparently is confused about what constitutes a news story and what is editorial commentary or opinion.

His letter is opinion, as is everything else on the page where his letter appears. Nothing in the Perspective section is news, but rather analysis/opinion. The front-page section reports news about happenings in the community, the state, the country and the world. The business page does likewise and the Metro section does a broad sweep of local news stories.

What the writer of the above-referenced letter proposes as news content simply is not. So while Franz Morsches (the writer) sees Rep. Adam Schiff as a “despicable, partisan hack,” there are plenty on the liberal/Democratic end of the spectrum who would attach that description to Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy and a host of others in the Republican ranks.

But all of those positions are opinions/interpretations, not news. So Morsches' implication that The Journal Gazette does not “report the news as fairly as you can” is a bogus accusation. He simply can't distinguish between news and opinion, which is a sad state of affairs in which to find oneself.

David Oberstar

Fort Wayne

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