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Friday, January 22, 2021 1:00 am


Apartment complex wrong for West State site

I am writing to express my concern for a rezoning matter before the City Plan Commission.

The developer, Neuhaus, and developer Martin Henry, are seeking to change zoning from R-1, single family, to R-3, multiple family, for a complex to be located at 3515 West State Blvd.

As a resident of the area, I am opposed to this request for several reasons:

The project will allow for overcrowding of a cramped area of about 7.8 acres. This will disturb the wildlife that exists in the area, which gives you all the comforts of a country setting within city limits.

Further, it will kill green space and disturb the wetlands that exist now.

This project if permitted will create extra traffic on streets that are barely wide enough for a single car, let alone emergency vehicles; this poses a safety hazard to all residents in the Log Cabin neighborhood.

If permitted, this project will diminish the property value of each resident, which is a direct effect on the equity of our homes.

I don't think many people want an apartment complex built in their backyard; I don't, either.

Lee Bradley

Fort Wayne

A Beacon of insight into wartime efforts

As we have started updating the Fort Wayne Aviation Museum at Fort Wayne International Airport into its new digital and reality format, I have come across a treasure trove of old Baer Field weekly military newspapers.

Entitled the Beacon, it tells about the everyday life of the soldiers stationed at Baer Field and surrounding Army detachments between July 1942 and November 1945.

What may be of interest locally is the support that Fort Wayne, Waynedale and the numerous local clubs, businesses and organizations that supported, entertained and feed the troops.

Lots of area people are featured in the newspapers along with WOWO, the Red Cross, Fort Wayne Country Club, the Anthony Hotel, Orchard Ridge, YMCA, Concordia College, and many, many other great organizations and businesses.

Area bands, orchestras, magicians, tap dancers and other local acts were a large part of Army life.

We have started to post copies of the Beacon on our Facebook page: Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum.

If you recognize someone or know more about the pictures and articles we post, we welcome your memories.

Greg Bosk

President, Fort Wayne Aviation Museum

Vaccine site well-run

Many things in current society are negative. Problems abound. However, the recent COVID-19 vaccine site for the elderly at Parkview's Mirro Center was an example of how things can be done well.

The event was exquisitely organized, staffed with helpful volunteers and thoughtfully planned. Volunteers helped the seniors find and navigate the maze. Wheelchairs were provided. Helpful signage led patients through the various stations. Even the exits were staffed with friendly police who helped patients get to their cars.

Bravo to those who implemented and organized this event.

Joanne Sauder


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