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Saturday, January 23, 2021 1:00 am


Insurrectionists dishonor veterans

My father in law, an active-duty World War II veteran of the Pacific, was on an honor flight about 15 years ago.

As I was watching the news recently, I couldn't help but think back to the day of his trip to D.C.

We drove out to the Air National Guard base that morning and were ushered into the canteen. Standing in a crowded room, I found myself looking around at the hats and T-shirts worn by the assembled vets.

As a serious student of history, the names were familiar to me. Their clothing bore the names of places such as Okinawa, Anzio, Omaha Beach and Guadalcanal.

Though aged, with many in wheelchairs, these were the men who rescued the world from fascism. It was an honor just to be in their presence.

Watching events at the Capitol unfold, I felt as if those responsible for the riot (insert your favorite name here; there are plenty to choose from) had walked up and slapped every vet in the room.

As for who was responsible, it is clear the rioters themselves bear most of that burden. It's pretty simple. A riot against the Congress, frustrating as Congress can be at times, is not acceptable.

However, this happened because our leadership encouraged it to happen.

The people waiting on the Capitol steps were not there to witness a “symbolic protest” vote against the election. They were there to take action.

An insurrection to halt a constitutionally sanctioned procedure needs to have consequences. As a minimum, resignations are required.

Brad Lucas

Fort Wayne

'Reminder of days past'

I really, really enjoyed reading Kimberly Dupps Truesdell's The Dish on Jan. 13. What a wonderful reminder of days past – such an uplifting beginning.

The thought of her riding her banana-seat bike with her bunny in her basket will keep me smiling for quite a while. I really look forward to the new ice cream place as well. Kudos to Kimberly.

Pam Arend

Paulding, Ohio

A New Year's surprise

Thank you to the person or people who paid our bill at Ted's on Coldwater Road.

When we asked for our bill, the server told us someone at a table across the room had given her money to cover our tab.

You can imagine our surprise.

We truly appreciate the kindness and will pay it forward.

Again, thank you and Happy New Year.



Fort Wayne

Who will pay?

I have two questions.

1) Who is going to pay for the trillion-dollar relief plan?

2) Who is President Joe Biden going to borrow the money from?

The American people deserve to know.

Art Hutter


Impeachment process debased

The results of the sham impeachment on Jan. 13 confirmed the criteria for impeaching a president.

Facts were not needed in the first impeachment, and they certainly were not needed the second time. All that is needed to impeach the president is a majority in the House.

I hope Nancy Pelosi is proud of herself for debasing the process, her office and the House. Shame, shame.

Earnie Williamson

Fort Wayne

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