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Tuesday, May 04, 2021 1:00 am


Hypocrisy driving force of modern conservatives

I was born in 1950 in Fort Wayne. My father was a contractor and would frequently take me to “help Daddy work.” During those trips, he would discuss political philosophy and our Constitution.

I enjoyed those talks and considered myself to be a conservative.

My father was very critical of civil rights legislation because it infringed on states' rights. As a young, impressionable boy, that made sense to me.

I do not believe my father is racist in the classic sense of the term, but he is a product of his times. He is honest, hard working but, deep down inside, suspicious of others not like him. As I grew older, I realized how wrong he was. We needed that legislation because racism was so deeply embedded in our culture.

Two early (and many more later) events led me to despise the conservative movement in this country.

The first was the pardoning of Lt. William Calley by President Richard Nixon after the My Lai massacre. Conservatives were perfectly happy with killing 300+ men, women and children if they were Vietnamese but not if unborn.

The second was when President Ronald Reagan seduced Republicans to the dark side by saying, “You can balance a budget; all you have to do is raise spending and have a big tax cut.” For 40 years, every Republican administration has cut taxes and found some excuse for not cutting spending. Are Democrats guilty of spending too much? Of course. But they don't think large corporations should pay no income tax.

I cannot stomach the hypocrisy of modern conservatives. William F. Buckley once said his conservatism was threatened most by other conservatives. How true.

Matthew Fultz

Fort Wayne

Cellphone law being largely ignored

On July 1, 2020, the hands-free while driving bill became law in Indiana. It seems many people disregard this law, as I frequently see while driving people using their cell phones. I have yet to hear of anyone getting stopped and given a ticket for this infraction. Maybe the police are waiting until July 1, 2021 to start handing out tickets because on that date a ticket will count as points against their driver's license. I can't wait to hear all the complaints if someone loses their driving privileges because they can't seem to drive without holding their cellphone.

Jeffrey Lickey

Fort Wayne

A process to follow

If lawmakers want more power, they must change the constitution. In the COVID-19 situation, decisions had to be made quickly – a word not used by lawmakers often enough.

Mary Huntley

Fort Wayne

An inspiring piece

The article written by Emery W. McClendon, published April 27, was superb. If you missed it, I suggest you read “Nation unmoored from moral center” on Page 5A. Well done, Emery.

Jeanette Troutner

Fort Wayne

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