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Friday, June 11, 2021 1:00 am


NIPR selloff costs station a supporter

I read with great sadness that the shameless leadership of Northeast Indiana Public Radio has sold the 94.1 FM broadcast frequency.

It is of no help to me (and, I am sure, to many others) that the classical music will continue to be offered through other media, none of which can be enjoyed on a simple radio set such as is found in our homes and automobiles. Whenever those of us who don't choose to have the latest technologies are excluded from something, it is in fact a form of discrimination, which also adversely affects those in our society who lack the financial means to afford such technology and equipment, and those of us who find such technology just too challenging to be worth the effort.

I am sure that Glenn Bogel, Gary Blumenshine and many others who gave many thousands of their hours to classical FM radio (WBNI and, previously, WIPU) would roll over in their graves to hear of the demise of this broadcast medium.

I will add that I believe NIPR made a huge mistake as well in purchasing an old, fire-damaged building downtown, which ought to have been demolished and the land sold to the Subway owner (who was forced by the city to vacate his previous location and provided in its stead a “postage-stamp” lot).

I for one will not renew membership in Northeast Indiana Public Radio. Shame on them!

James R. Crouse

Fort Wayne

An email chain

This just in! Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails were sent by Hillary Clinton.

Robert Haluska

Fort Wayne

War for nation's future is still being fought

A recent letter equated Black Lives Matter demonstrations to the Jan. 6 insurrection.

First, BLM demonstrations were noted if they provoked a violent police response. None of these demonstrations were called for by a mayor or other elected official. Our Fort Wayne demonstration was met with a well-prepared plan of attack by local law enforcement. No delay with live Facebook support for the violence. The police excuse was the demonstrators blocked the street. Just this week the police blocked streets for a recreational bike ride. Bike rides don't have a constitutional right, but free speech and petitioning the government for change do.

The Jan. 6 insurrection was a demonstration called for by Donald Trump, organized by groups that had had violent demonstrations in Virginia that resembled a 1930s Nazi rally. Those same groups seized the capitol in Michigan with the intent of kidnapping and killing the governor.

Trump called for the mob to descend on the Capitol to stop the vote certification. It is unclear who authorized the use of the National Guard; it was not Trump. It was not the temporary secretary of defense, who did not want to use the military to intervene in a domestic conflict. It was not the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who had sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution; they had publicly stated they would not intervene in “domestic politics.”

The vote was counted, courts have found no evidence of significant voter fraud, and still the attacks by Vladimir Putin and his Republican supporters on our democratic processes continue. We are in a war for the future of the country, by other means.

Roger Miller

Fort Wayne

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